Heavyweight Clubman Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.4

Stuart Martin took pole for final 1. Dan Hoy was looking menacing in 2nd with Aiden Ball and Chris Brown making up row 2. Stuart Martin led from pole with Hoy following suit. Aiden Ball was close behind with Chris Brown and Jonathan Elliott battling for 4th. The running order didn’t change much at the front. Hoy could do nothing about Martin and the latter won by over 1s. Ball was 3rd on the road but was excluded from the result, handing 3rd to Chris Brown.

Not content with dominating the first final, Stuart Martin also set fastest lap which put him on pole for final 2. Jose Soler, back from his successful 3 Peaks challenge, did a superb job to claim 2nd on the grid. Hoy was 3rd ahead of Jonathan Elliott. Aiden Ball and Chris Brown were also there in the mix.

Dan Hoy got past Soler off the line and hounded Stuart Martin. He took the lead on lap 3 and proceeded to open up a gap. Martin had the attention of Aiden Ball for the next few laps. Disaster struck on lap 8. Possibly contact between the 2 saw Martin off the road and demoted Ball to 6th and another exclusion. Jonathan Elliott and Chris Brown gratefully accepted 2nd and 3rd but Brown was caught and passed by the recovering Jose Soler with 2 laps to go. However, none of them had the pace to catch Dan Hoy who cruised home to take his 4th win of the year.