Heavyweight Clubman Sprint Championship 2013, Rd.2

Despite being older than time itself, Tim Hill showed the young whippersnappers how it’s done by claiming pole for final 1. Aiden Ball started alongside with Nigel Proctor, Stuart Martin and Martin Gurnett completing the top 5.
Hill led for a couple of laps before being passed by the hard-charging Phil Rose, who had come up from grid 9 and picked off the leaders one by one. He continued peerlessly and extended his lead. Meanwhile further back Jon Pethick was making great progress from grid 23 and climbed up into the top 4. Jamie Bird dispatched Gurnett to take third in the closing stages but no one had an answer for Rose, who won by nearly 2 seconds from Tim Hill.
Final 2 saw Barney Langley claim pole ahead of Dan Hoy. Phil Rose was looking to make it 2 out of 2 from 3rd on the grid.
Despite starting on the notoriously difficulty outside line, Hoy hung on in there and took the lead from Langley on the opening lap. Jennings followed them round with Alex Withington right in on the action too. However, Aiden Ball and Phil Rose both dispatched Withington and set about catching the top 3. Jennings dropped out of contention on lap 5 and this left Hoy to ease out a gap ahead of Langley who, in turn, maintained a comfortable one second gap over Phil Rose. They crossed the line in this order.