G3Pro win as JK flounder

Eddie Hall
Intermediate Endurance Championship 2019, Rd.8,

Main title rivals take advantage of a JK Rolling flop

The early season dominance of JK Rolling has faded in the last couple of races. This has given their rivals a more realistic chance of winning. Certainly DDMM Barnstormers and G3Pro are now more than a match for the runaway championship leaders.

Team JAWS put in some great laps in qualifying to take a commendable pole position. G3Pro G360 were some way further behind in second and just ahead of the Barnstormers in third. JK Rolling were fourth but would almost certainly make progress during the race. RG Racing were fifth, Apple Karts fifth and Wisper sixth and last in class.

The 31 kart field made it round the first lap in one piece. The pole sitters maintained the lead with G3Pro G360 second. A good start by the Barnstormers saw them move up a few places and get closer to second place. A cracking start by Wisper saw them slot into fourth. Apple Karts and RG Racing got past JK Rolling on the opening lap.

A number of teams made early stops. A number of varying pit strategies saw a real shakeup in the running order over the first 20 minutes. Wisper were the last to pit so found themselves leading the race for a while. However, once the pit window closed, DDMM Barnstormers were at the head of the pack. G3Pro G360 were second and JK Rolling third. Team JAWS had fallen back to fourth but had a comfortable gap to fifth place Wisper, whose late pit stop had helped gain them a few places.

Team JAWS had fallen well back. I suspect it was a black flag or multiple black flags. Seriously, there was a lot of kerb riding during the course of this race. No fewer than seventeen black flags were issued over the course of the two hours.

After the second fuel window closed, DDMM Barndormers had built up a lead of nearly a second over second placed G3Pro G360. JK Rolling were still third but not looking like challenging for the win again. Behind the top three, Wisper were still holding on to fourth and they had a large gap to the recovering Team JAWS. Apple Kart and RG Racing continued to prop up the rear of the field.

The Barnstormers continued to lead and looked quite comfortable up front. However, while I was busy paying eleventy billion pounds for a cookie and a drink in the Whilton Mill “Bistro”, they somehow managed to lose the lead. Back in the day I would have interviewed them to ask what happened but since I was reeling from the shock of needing to remortgage my house in order to pay for a bit of dough and a can of sugary acid, I’m just going to assume they were another recipient of a black flag.

As the final pit stop window loomed, G3Pro G360 were leading the race. They held a one second lead over of DDMM Barnstormers. The last 20 minutes looked like being very interesting. Wisper had continued to drive consistently with no real mistakes that I could see (assuming I was watching. I wasn’t. I was looking at the live timing). They were running well in third and ahead of a rather off-colour looking JK Rolling.

Over the last few laps, G3Pro continued to extend their lead slightly and ultimately crossed the line over thirteen seconds clear of the Barnstormers. It was great to see Wisper come home third and secure their second podium of the season (no lanky ringer this time who objects to paying £2 for a tiny cookie – regardless of how nice the Club house is). Team JAWS recovered to fourth and JK Rolling could only manage fifth. Apple Karts and RG Racing made up the rest of the places.

After the first five rounds it appeared no one could challenge JK Rolling. However, after 8 rounds, DDMM Barnstormers are only 20 points behind and G3Pro G360 only 25. If they both keep this performance up over the next three races and JK Rolling’s recent run of poor form continues, we could well be in for a nail biting climax to the inters championship.