G3Pro G360 secure Lydd win

Eddie Hall
Intermediate Endurance Championship 2019, Rd.7,

JK Rolling’s dominance appears to be at an end but, despite their rivals closing up, they remain in charge


Round 7 of the intermediate championship took place in the marshlands of the deepest, darkest corner of Kent. The Lydd circuit is in a bizarre location but is nevertheless a fantastic race track. It’s fast corners and long back straight make it quite the challenge for drivers.

Having finally been knocked off their perch at the last race, JK Rolling were looking to get back to winning ways. Of course once a run has ended, it’s often the case that a team starts to slip. DDMM barnstormers would be looking for an opportunity to pounce. G3Pro G360 were also taking the challenge seriously – turning up with a ringer to aid their race winning chances.


So on to qualifying. An epic lap saw runaway championship leaders JK Rolling not only claim pole position but qualify on the front row of the premier grid. G3Pro G360 also put in a stunning lap to qualify second in class and fifth overall. DDMM Barnstormers were third (14th overall), Team JAWS fifth, RG Racing sixth, the brilliantly named Rich Energy Racing (are they the B team to Conman Racing?) seventh, and Wisper propping up the grid in 8th.


Both JK Rolling and G3Pro G360 dived straight into the pits at the end of the opening lap in order to give themselves some clean air. A logical strategic decision and one that used to work wonders back in the old days of reverse grids. DDMM Barnstormers took control at the front and they had a big advantage over Team JAWS and Wisper, who found themselves in third place. Rich Energy Racing were right behind them with RG Racing not far behind in fifth.

With most of the leading teams on different pit stop strategies, it wasn’t until the first pit window close before we got to see whose strategy had worked the best. When it had all unravelled, G3Pro G360 emerged on the lead but they had JK Rolling right on their tail. They were well clear of DDMM Barnstormers in third who were in turn clear of fourth placed Wisper. They had Team JAWS right behind them and poised to take the position away. Unfortunately, Wisper had a couple of slow pit stops and compounded this with a penalty for repeated molestation of other karts.

They weren’t the only ones in trouble. JK Rolling also suffered a drama that dropped them out of contention for the win and way down the order. This gave G3Pro G360 a clear shot at victory and they continued to pull even further away from the Barnstormer boys.

Over the latter stages of the race, the well oiled G3 Pro team (with the help of their ringer whose name I can’t remember) built up a two lap lead over the Barnstormers. With the rest of the inters field well spread out, it was an easy win. Another second place for DDMM Barnstormers allowed them to close the gap to JK Rolling by five points as the championship leaders only managed third place. Rich Energy Racing came home a respectable fourth and one place ahead of Team JAWS. Wisper were sixth and RG Racing seventh and last in class.


Now of course if I was a proper journalist writing for a professional publication I would be making some sensationalist comments about how JK Rolling have been derailed and can’t take the pressure and they need to sack their drivers in order to get back to winning ways. Obviously this isn’t the case and they have still got a 100% podium record this year. Despite a slight dip in form over the last couple of races, the JK Rolling squad are still outright championship leaders. DDMM Barnstormers are still their only real challengers unless G3Pro G360 can perform some miracles in the remaining four races. Even then, it would require some truly horrendous luck for JK Rolling to lose the championship.