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Fraser Brunton Makes His Move, Win #2!

by Steve Gray | May 19, 2022 | Sprint Championships

Welcome to Wales for a first visit for a few seasons to the picturesque and challenging Glan-y-Gors circuit.

The Finals

You can watch the heats and finals here!

C Final

With all the heats run the C Finalists lined up with Hakon Lees on pole from Andy Berry followed two by two by Jeremy Deeks, Nikolas Lakasas, Callum Martin, James Scanlon, Mathew Cliffe, James Browning, Zac Stout, Yusuf Soeharjono, Keith Segal, Evan Craig, Livia Ojo and Jo Ratcliffe. Top four to qualify for the B Final.

Lees led away from the line in what was a good clean start but there was plenty of action round the first lap. By the end of it Martin was up to first followed by Lakasas, Deeks, Berry Lees, Scanlon and Cliffe. Second time around and lees had dropped to ninth. Martin led from Lakaskas, Deeks, Berry and Scanlon. And that was pretty much it save for Berry moving ahead of Deeks. Martin took a comfortable win over seven seconds clear of Lakasas with Berry a Kart length back in third. Deeks claimed the last qualifying spot four seconds adrift of third after a race long battle Scanlon who was just a tenth out at the flag.

C Final Winner – Callum Martin

B Final

Ramunas Cerkauskas secured pole for the B Final with Ned Douglas alongside followed by Andrew Rabbage, George Line, Ami Breacher, Charlie Summers, Rob Langthorp, David Hamer, Justin Draper, Dom Cliffe, Jake Wilkins, Russell Cooper, Stef Theodorou, Matt Ellis, Dean Everest, Harris Ahmed, Adam Brittain, Jagjeet Singh, Joe Bailey, Kym Eley, Tommy Lee, Dan Grocott and the qualifiers from the C Final, Martin, Lakaskas, Berry and Deeks. Top two to qualify for the back of the A Final.

Cerkauskas led the pack away with Douglas alongside. As they ran up the hill Cerkauskas was in the right place as behind Karts were adopting all sorts of angles and lines as they crested the rise. But as they dropped down the hill everyone was still pointing in the right direction and still going forward. Cerkauskas crossed the line first followed by Line from Cliffe, Langthorp and Theodorou. Second time around and Line slipped by Cerkauskas for the lead taking Cliffe and Langthorp with him. After the fraught opening laps the field settled down. Line continued to lead from Cliffe, Langthorp and Cerkauskas with Douglas up to fifth but carrying a penalty which would prevent him from advancing to the A Final. One third distance and the front three were beginning to open a gap to the pack. Cerkauskas was fourth but dropping back and coming under pressure from the penalised Douglas who had Draper and Theodorou close behind. Top of the hill sixth time around and Cliffe took Line for the lead only to lose it a few corners later. Next lap and Line got out of shape at the top of the hill and lost momentum. Cliffe re-took the lead down into the hairpin. And once there he stayed there reeling off the laps and keeping Line and Langthorp at bay. All three drove superbly but it was Langthorp who would miss out. Douglas was next over the line bit penalised four places handing fourth to Draper.

B Final Winner – Dom Cliffe

A Final

The final race of the day saw Mike Coppin on pole from Garrett Berry followed by Championship leader Fraser Brunton, Reece Pope, Daz Teal, Stephen Westwood, Rhianna Purcocks, Samuel Essery, Ashley White, Dan Seager, Yousuf Bin-Suhayl, Chris Woodger, Andrew Ward, Matt Cockerham, Ben Lambeth, Martin Joyce, Ed Barrs, Bryn Alban, Dante Dhillon, Harrison Kirkham, Hussain Rashid, Tim Penny, Greg Smith, Luke Philips and the two qualifiers from the B Final, Cliffe and Line.

Class 3 Podium – Winner Harrison Kirkham, flanked by Andy Berry and Matt Ellis

Coppin led the pack away but was perhaps too keen to protect his advantage from Berry and ran wide in the first turn allowing Brunton to get by. Up the hill it was all a little untidy as they crested the rise and dropped down into the hairpin. End of the lap and Brunton led from Westwood with White up to third from Pope, Purcocks, Bin-Suhayl, Teal, Essery and Coppin. Brunton and Westwood immediately began to pull clear. White ran third but had Pope right with him. One third distance and Pope slipped by into third. Purcocks was fifth from Teal, Barrs and Coppin. Half distance and Brunton still led by half a second from the hugely impressive C2 Westwood. Pope was third but over three seconds back with White close behind in fourth from Purcocks, Teal and Barrs. Coppin had fallen off the pace and was running on his own ahead of Woodger. Four to go and Brunton still led from Westwood with Pope third and not making any headway. White had fallen back and was coming under pressure from Barrs and Teal whilst Purcocks was still in touch but only just. Penultimate lap and Brunton was controlling the race but Westwood had cut the lead. Pope remained third but Barrs was up to fourth and closing in. White was now looking over his shoulder at Teal with Purcocks out of the hunt but running a safe seventh from Coppin.

Class 2 Podium – Winner Stephen Westwood, flanked by Luke Phillips and Garrett Berry

Brunton duly took the win, his second of the year with Westwood a superb second. His best ever result which also gave him the C2 honours. Pope took third. Another great result for him. Anyone want to take a punt on a win for him this year? Barrs was fourth. A good result after a torrid time in the heats with White fifth. His best result for some time. Teal was next from Purcocks, Coppin, Woodger and Philips who was also second in C2 with Berry eleventh and third in C2. C3 honours for the day went to Harrison Kirkham finishing a fine nineteenth in the A Final with Andy Berry and Matt Ellis second and third in the class after finishing ninth and eleventh respectively in the B Final.

Class A Podium – Winner Fraser Brunton, flanked by Reece Pope and Ed Barrs

Championship Round Up.

Fraser Brunton’s second win of the season consolidates his position at the top of the standings whilst Mike Coppin missed the chance to close the gap after finishing Eighth. He remains second in the standings from Daz Teal and Reece Pope. Garrett Berry is fifth overall and heads C2 from Dante Dhillon and Dan Seager whilst Harrison Kirkham leads C3 from Matt Ellis and Kim Eley.

Words: Steve Gray
Dodgy Photography: Admin

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