Finally. JK Roll ends.

Eddie Hall
Intermediate Endurance Championship 2019, Rd.6,

DDMM barnstormers finally put an end to JK’s winning streak. But is it too little too late?

A stunning qualifying effort saw Team JAWS claim pole position and fourth overall. They were literally leagues ahead of second place DDMM Barnstormers and JK Rolling. RG racing were fourth, All Torque Rosso fifth, G3Pro G360 sixth, Wisper seventh and The Two Senna’s eighth.

Despite a poor start and losing four places, Team JAWS nevertheless maintained their class lead. Title contenders DDMM Barnstormers and JK Rolling were right behind them with the rest of the field already spread out amongst the Clubman teams.

An early stop for the leaders saw the Barnstormers take the lead until they pitted five laps later. JK Rolling also pitted but a slow stop saw them lose ground to their main rivals.

After the first round of stops, the Barnstormers had a comfortable lead. They appeared to have the edge on JK Rolling today. Wisper were also having a good early run and were in third position.

Team JAWS were recovering after losing ground in the early stages. RG Racing were also trying to make up some lost time. All Torque Rosso, G3Pro G360 were next up , but languishing at the back of the field was the Two Senna’s.

Wisper’s good run came to an end after a number of spins in the tricky conditions. They weren’t alone and a number of other drivers came unstuck on the slippery track.

By half distance DDMM barnstormers had a commanding lead. JK Rolling were still second with a comfortable lead over team JAWS who had recovered well. The rest of the class was spread out somewhat, with few genuine battles going on. In fact with so few teams in the intrers class and with them all spread out, it’s quite difficult to know what the hell to write so consider this sentence blatant page filler. The only real battle that I could see while I was in the warm dry cafe with a hot cup of tea and a Mars bar was right at the back where Wisper were fending off G3Pro G360. However, that battle only lasted a couple of laps before G3 got past and pulled away.

So after two hours, it was a fairly straightforward vistory for DDMM Barnstormers. They finished a lap ahead of JK Rolling. I suppose a slightly interesting fact is this is the first time in 2019 that JK Rolling haven’t won. Team JAWS came home a distant fifth to make a familiar looking podium. RG racing came home fourth ahead of a charging G3Pro G360, Wisper were fifth, All Torque Rosso had a mare in sixth and The Two Senna’s finished seventh and last in class.

Despite not winning, JK Rolling still have a commanding lead in the championship standings. DDMM barnstormers are their only real challenger but it would require a severe change of fortune to see any other outcome in the championship. The battle for third is close between G3Pro G360, Wisper and Team JAWS. Assuming Team JAWS don’t miss any more races their current form suggests they are the best of the rest. Still, with five races still to run a lot can still happen.