Eight out of ten for Kyritshicks

October 2, 2018
Eddie Hall
Club100’s annual visit to Clay Pigeon is always a social highlight of the racing calendar. Many drivers can be seen in varying degrees of hanging on Saturday and Sunday morning. Fortunately, the quadrant races are held in the afternoon which meant the driver/race reporter was almost fully recovered by the time the karts ventured out on circuit. Race 1 Old Men Racing were the lucky team who were allocated pole for the first race of the afternoon. Slickspeed were alongside them on the front row. The latter soon found themselves in trouble and out of contention but the pole sitters maintained their lead for the opening few laps before getting embroiled in a tense battle with G3Pro, SoundFP and Big Cat Motorsport. There was a lot of bumping and barging and the Old Men were bumped down to fourth and also picked up a four place penalty in the process, for contact. Although they obviously still had the pace, Tim Hill nonetheless parked his kart on lap eight. Having been pushed off at the start when another driver cut across before the start line, Maxx MPH were on a charge. Unsurprisingly so were Kyrtitshicks and it didn’t take them long to get into the lead. It was all quite intense behind Kyritshicks as team DGB, SoundFP and Big Cat Motorsport were all squabbling for third. This allowed G3Pro to pull out a gap of a couple of seconds and settle into second place. Unfortunately, penalties for the others for contact would severely affect the finishing order. Back at the front and Kyritshicks took an easy win. G3Pro were second and SoundFP were third. However, they received a four place penalty for contact, Team DGB and Big Cat Motorsport both picked up two place penalties and this left a grateful maxx MPH – who finished sixth on the road – in third. Race 2 After a less than successful opening race, the Racecraft boys were hoping for better luck in heat two from pole position. However, with Kyritshicks just behind in third position it was going to be a challenge to keep them behind. They did well and held off the newly crowned champions for nearly five laps before finally succumbing. However, racecraft weren’t giving up that easily and harried the champions lap after lap, staying within a few tenths and making a number of passes. Kyritshicks seemed to have an answer for the challenge and managed to regain the position. Further back, Scuderia GM, G3Pro, Keen As Mustard, Old Men Racing and Team DGB were in a close battle for third. This allowed Mxx MPH – again charging from the back of the grid – to get on their tail in the latter stages. The battle at the front was intensifying as the race entered the final few laps. It looked like racecraft might have made a move stick with a few laps to go but Kyritshicks came back at them and managed to hold on for the win. Scuderia GM came home third, having managed to break away from the battle with G3Pro slightly. G3Pro, keen As Mustard and Old Men Racing were next yup. Despite a lst lap attempt, Maxx MPH just failed to get past but another penalty for Old Men Racing helped them finish seventh. Race 3 Maxx MPH Racing started on pole and led the field round the opening lap. An early challenge from Scuderia GM and Big Cat Motorsport soon faded and it was the flying Keen As Mustard from tenth on the grid who would become their biggest challenger. Kyritshicks were making up places from a low grid slot and soon despatched Racecraft, SoundFP, team DGB and Old Men Racing. They then enjoyed a dice with Scuderia GM and Big Cat Motorsport, although this slowed their progress and allowed the leading pair to pull away. Max MPH Racing’s Dan Milner was doing a stellar job in keeping the flying keen As Mustard at bay. The latter made a few moves but Milner was able to out manoeuvre him. Even a last lap dive into the hairpin from Keen As Mustard was followed by a slick repass into the boot and victory for Maxx MPH Racing. It was a good result for keen As Mustard who were looking strong today. KyritsHicks did manage to get in front of Big Cat Motorsport and finished third. It was another poor race for G3Pro and Racecraft. Slickspeed also had a race to forget. Race 4 Keen As Mustard were looking for a strong finish to their, to this point, promising day and needed to make the most of their pole position. However, Kyritshicks made an amazing start from grid seven to fly straight into the lead. An initial good start by Maxx MPH from tenth was short-lived as they were run wide by Team DGB at the end of lap one and then bummed by the Old Men at the chicane and dropped to thirteenth. Over the next few laps, Kyritshicks increased their lead over Keen As Mustard. Scuderia GM and Racecraft were battling over third place, both struggling to find a way past class 2’s AD Racing which slowed them down somewhat. DGB were holding station fifth but soon came under increasing pressure from SoundFP and Old Men Racing. G3Pro and the recovering Maxx MPH Racing were having a good duel but the latter was struggling with the kart and soon dropped back. By half distance, Scuderia GM and SoundFP had closed on keen As Mustard and demoted them to fourth. Racecraft also got past a few laps later. Although it was quite close between second, third and fourth, the race largely settled down. However, later in the race keen As Mustard were caught by Old Men Racing and team DGB and lost even more ground. It was an easy win for Kyritshicks who won by sixteen seconds. Scuderia GM came home second which would prove to be cruicial in the end. Sound FP were third. Final Result There were no prizes for guessing who won. Kyritshicks took their eighth win from ten starts. Their second place helped Scuderia GM finish ahead of Maxx MPH Racing who took the final spot on the podium. After a mixed day, G3pro finished fourth and Keen As Mustard fifth – although they were close to being on the podium had it not been for the last race.
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