Auditing Armageddon top at Shenny

March 28, 2019
Eddie Hall
The Club100 circus rolled into Shenington; a circuit which appears to be a permanent fixture on the calendar now. It was good to see Cartman back after a couple of years away and to see how they would fare against the new crop of talent that has emerged over the last couple of years.. M&M stole the show in qualifying by claiming pole position and third overall. JRG Racing were just behind them in second and fourth overall. Aston Racing were third, Auditing Armageddon fourth, Pixel Pirates fifth and CKS Throatpunchers in sixth. After claiming pole for round one, Lucid Initiatives managed no better than 20th. Conman also had a poor session in 21st. Cartman were 22nds and other notable names like Keen As Mustard, Ballinger, All Torque and Slickspeed also had poor sessions. At the green light, the leaders maintained position and stayed like that for the opening few laps. Auditing Armageddon were slowly gaining track position and working their way through the midfield prem teams and inters teams. The overall positions remained unchanged until the first round of stops. The leaders lost out big time and dropped to seventh. JRG took the lead as a result. A late stop and slick work saw Auditing Armageddon come out second and a lot closer to the leaders but they had CKS Throatpunchers right behind them. An early second stop for Auditing Armageddon released the Throatpunchers and also promoted Aston racing and Cartman – the latter seemingly finding their feet again. During the middle phase of the race, JRG maintained a small lead ahead of Auditing Armageddon. CKS Throatpunchers were still third. This trio had built up a bit of a gap to Aston Racing, M&M and Cartman who were all fighting over fourth place. Pixel Pirates were having a bit of a lonely race but enjoying a bit of a battle with the struggling premier Titan team. Keen As Mustard, Lucid Initiatives, Runtime Exception Racing and Ballinger were also in a battle but were way down the order and no doubt frustrated not to be challenging at the front where they probably belong. JRG lost the lead and dropped out of contention prior to the third round of stops, which allowed Auditing Armageddon to take the lead. The differing pit strategies made it difficult to keep track but there was no doubt that Auditing Armageddon had the pace and they maintained their lead over the next few stints. The last couple of stints remained fairly static at the front as the leaders continued to edge out a gap to their rivals. By the time the last round of stops came into play, they had a lead of around ten seconds and looked to be controlling the pace. CKS Throatpunchers were their closest rival and Aston racing and pulled away from their rivals into a comfortable third. M&M were slowly making progress and Cartman were also in this race… After two hours of racing, Auditing Armageddon took a fine win ahead of the Throatpunchers and Aston Racing. M&M did well to recover to fourth ahead of Cartman. JRG must have been disappointed to only manage fifth after leading comfortably for the first half of the race. It wasn’t such a great day for the likes of Ballinger or Slickspeed who came home last and will probably count this as a drop score. So with two races down, it’s looking more and more like CKS Throatpunchers, Auditing Armageddon and M&M are the ones to watch in terms of the championship fight. JRG Racing could well be one to watch as well. Whilton Mill should be interesting.
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