Anwar Beroual-Smith, the Best Race Weekend of his Life? Probably.

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Almost halfway through the season and not only are the various Championships hotting up but so is the weather. What a scorcher it was on Sunday.

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The Road to the Finals

Carl Tebbutt marked his return to CLUB100 with a comfortable win in the first heat. Starting alongside Steve Lindley he took the lead on the first lap and pulled clear. Lindley remained second right till the last lap before losing the spot to Tim Hill. But Hill was carrying a penalty after an early race incident with Joe Bailey and dropped to sixth. Bailey too picked up a penalty for an incident with Miguel Hall. His penalty dropped him from fifth to eleventh. Paul Williams, Bill Taylor and Darren Townsley completed the top five.

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Championship leader Anwar Beroual-Smith opened his account for the day with a win in Heat Two. But he had to work a bit for it. Starting from grid five he picked up places over consecutive laps before getting held back by Alex Pritchard. But he found away by leaving Pritchard to hold off Mikey Nichols for second. These three were well clear of the pack headed by Curt Holmes and Chris Alcock.

Two laps down and the third heat became a procession. Richard Allen went to the front after the first lap and was never challenged leading home Tim Williams from Jacob Harris. SHW Lennie Wood was fourth some distance adrift and just holding off fellow SHW Kieran Chidgzey over the line.

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Joe Holmes badly needed a win in his opening heat but he delivered as Champions do working his way up from grid nine to hit the front on the penultimate lap. Adam Wright came second after leading for more than half the race with Steve Bosley a strong third after leading Holmes through the pack for several laps. Mike Bodnar and Lawrence Cheah completed the top five.

Heat Five resulted in a lights to flag win for Jason Bear. Indeed once the first few corners were run the order for the rest of the heat was settled. Steve Lindley came home second just beating Josh Pettitt to the line followed by Paul Williams and Andrew Cherry.

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Chris Alcock claimed Heat Six. Starting from the second row he hit the front three laps in and stayed there. Mikey Nichols took second after a last lap pass on Joe Bailey with Richard Allen fourth after a last lap pass on Alex Pritchard.

Joe Holmes made the most of pole position in Heat Seven to take a comfortable second win of the day some six seconds clear of SHW Bill Taylor. Fellow SHW Kieran Chidgzey was third slipping by Tim Williams two from home with SHW Lennie Wood fifth.

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After Holmes two wins from two heats Anwar Beroual-Smith was under real pressure to deliver a good result in Heat Eight. Starting from grid ten he was up to second after the first lap but over a second adrift of leader SHW Adrian Wray. But he got his head down, reeled the leader in and went by. Thereafter he drew clear winning comfortably by over three seconds with Wray second from Steve Bosley, Tim Hill and Richard Newton.

Richard Allen took his second win of the day in Heat Nine. Starting from pole he was never headed leading home Mikey Nichols who started from grid seven. Alexander Lammin was third from Alex Pritchard and Curt Holmes.

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Joe Holmes desperately needed to make it three from three and put the pressure back on Championship leader Anwar Beroual-Smith. Starting from fifth he was up to second after a couple of laps. But leader Mike Bodnar resisted the challenge for a couple of laps before Holmes slipped by. Adam Wright too went by as Bodnar slipped down the order. Carl Tebbutt crossed the line next but was excluded from the results after a couple of penalties involving contact. Jacob Harris was the beneficiary moving up to third from Chris Alcock and Tim Williams.

Andrew Cherry claimed a fine win in the penultimate heat. Starting from the front row he went to the front at the first corner and moved steadily away finishing over two seconds clear of second placed Steve Lindley with Miguel Hall third ahead of Richard Newton and Nickolas Walker.

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The final heat and all the pressure was on Anwar Beroual–Smith. Not only did he need to win from pole but he needed a fastest lap better than Joe Holmes 55.435 to secure the all important pole for the A Final. And he delivered taking the win over six seconds clear and setting a string of fastest laps to secure Pole for the A Final. Steve Bosley posted another good result with second to put him on the third row for the A Final with Samuel Bensley third from Jason Bear and Paul Williams.

The Finals

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C Final

(All drivers in C3 unless otherwise noted.)

Luke Elliott on pole from Tom Jobson followed by Antonio Gizzonio and SHW Stuart Kirk. David Lumley shared row three with Mathew Lumley with Graham McDermott and a returning Carl Tebbutt on row four. Tebbutt was racing in C2 and won the opening heat of the day in some style but an exclusion in his second heat and further penalties in his third heat had somewhat compromised his day. Richard Melton shared row five with SHW Lee Barrow with Richard Pain, Riccardo Vitale and Steven Salway occupying the remaining spots on the grid. Top four to qualify for the back of the B Final and a trophy for the winner.

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Elliott led the pack away but it was Tebbutt who caught the eye using all his experience to move swiftly through the pack and into second by the end of the lap. Jobson ran third ahead of Gizzonio and Kirk. Two laps in and Elliott led Tebbutt by just over second but Tebbutt was the quickest man on the track and closing in. Jobson remained third whilst Kirk had moved ahead of Gizzonio. One third distance and Elliott remained at the front but the gap back to Tebbutt had stabilised. Both were now over four seconds clear of third placed Jobson and just needed to real off the laps to qualify for the B Final. Kirk remained fourth but had a train of Karts behind headed by Gizzonio from Mathew Lumley, Barrow and McDermott. A lap later and Gizzonio reclaimed fourth.

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Half distance and Elliott still led but Tebbutt had begun to close in. Jobson remained third but over eight seconds back. He now had Gizzonio close at hand whilst Kirk had begun to fall back. Eighth time around and Elliott mad a small error coming out of the hairpins and Tebbutt swept by for the lead. Gizzonio moved into third with Jobson down to fourth and coming under pressure from Kirk. Tebbutt and Elliott continued to pull clear at the front with Gizzonio third and with just a little breathing space back to the pack who were squabbling over the final qualifying spot. Jobson still held the place but Kirk was in his wheel tracks along with Mathew Lumley. Barrow had dropped back and looked to be out of the hunt. Two to go and the top four remained the same. Lumley found a way by Kirk but could he find a few extra tenths and put some pressure on Jobson?

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Tebbutt reeled off the final laps taking a comfortable win over two seconds clear of Elliott at the flag. Gizzonio was a comfortable third aided by Jobson having to defend from Mathew Lumley over the final laps. Kirk too was in the mix but he’d picked up a cone penalty and slipped behind Barrow in the results. Mc Dermott, David Lumley and Melton completed the top ten with Tebbutt setting the fastest lap. Elliott had the consolation of another race and he also set the fastest lap in C3. A lap that also established a class record. Barrow was the fastest of the SHW runners.

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C Final Winner – Carl Tebbutt

B Final

(All drivers in C2 unless otherwise noted)

Pole for SHW Lee Henderson with Joe Bailey alongside. Mike Bodnar and Richard Newton shared the second row. SHW Nickolas Walker occupied row three alongside C3 Tom Angier followed by Lawrence Cheah and SHW Adrian Wray on row four. C3 Andrew Hicks sat alongside fellow C3 Tom Stalker on row five followed by Vijay Patel and Mat Griffiths on six and C3’s Marcus Naris and Toby Sutton on seven. Row eight had C3 Shane Cotter alongside C3 Richard Neale followed by Daniel Jenkins and C1 Jack Cameron-Drayton on row nine. C3 Josh Lamorena was on ten from fellow C3’S James Antwis and Oliver Tebbutt the latter sharing the row with C Final winner Carl Tebbutt. Elliott, Gizzonio and Jobson completed the grid. Top two to qualify for the A Final and trophy for the winner.

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Henderson led the pack away and despite the pressure from behind hung on down into, and through, the first turns. Down the order Carl Tebbutt was in trouble getting hit with another penalty as he forced Naris off the road. Over the line at the end of the lap and Henderson still led from Bailey, Bodnar, Newton, Walker and Angier. Angier then had a spin dropping to the back of the field. He would ultimately finish down in twenty first but did have the consolation of setting the fastest lap in C3 and establishing a new class record. Second time around and it was all change at the front. Bodnar vaulted into the lead with Bailey still second from Newton and Henderson down to fourth. Walker was next followed by Patel. Bodnar’s lead lasted just a lap as Bailey took over at the front. Bailey immediately began to pull clear as Bodnar defended from Newton. Henderson was dropping away from the fight and coming under pressure from Walker. Newton put a move on Bodnar for second but Bodnar defended hard and Newton ran wide allowing Henderson, Walker and Cheah to slip by. It was beginning to heat up in more ways than one.

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Half distance and Bailey had pulled over five seconds clear as the pack jostled over second. Henderson went for a move on Bodnar but didn’t make it and compromised both his and Bodnars’ lines allowing Walker to nip by into second. Newton was still in touch chased hard by Patel, Cheah, Hicks and Carl Tebbutt who was racing hard despite his penalties. Cameron-Drayton was next but out of the hunt for any honours and running well off the pace of the leaders. Certainly not where I would have expected a C1 to be running.

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Eighth time around and Bailey was still pulling clear as the battle raged over second. Walker was hanging on despite Bodnars repeated attempts to get by. Cheah was up to fourth crossing the line half a Kart up on Newton from Henderson and Patel. Newton went by Cheah but forced him wide, the resulting penalty putting him out of the hunt for honours. With ten down Bailey was over eight seconds clear of Walker who now had a bit of breathing space as Cheah found a way by Bodnar. Tebbutt was now up to fifth but penalties were going to prevent his progress.

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Class 3 Podium – Winner Andrew Hicks, flanked by Toby Sutton and Shane Cotter

Over the line for the start of the final tour and Bailey was over nine seconds clear. Walker remained second but Cheah was close at hand. He went for a move and nipped by but it was not without contact. A clear penalty. Bailey crossed the line eleven seconds to the good after a consummate drive. Cheah was next over the line but his penalty dropped him to sixth and promoted Walker back into second and into the A Final. Tebbutt was next but penalties dropped him to ninth and promoted Bodnar to third. Newton was next but dropped to tenth promoting Henderson to fourth from Camern-Drayton. Hicks was seventh from Sutton. Fastest lap went to Tebbutt with Henderson quickest in SHW.

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B Final Winner – Joe Bailey

A Final

(All drivers in C1 unless otherwise noted)

After three heats brought him three wins Joe Holmes was on provisional pole but Anwar Beroual-Smith’s final heat saw him secure his third win and with his fastest lap just over a tenth up on Joe it was Anwar who would sit on pole and control the pace over the line at the start. It’s fair to say there has been a bit of needle between these two particularly at Clay. Anwar has the advantage in the standings after three A Final wins to Joe’s one but they are so evenly matched this season. Anwar has definitely upped his game to match Joe. We were all set for a cracker and whilst all eyes were on the front row there were was whole grid hopefully in with a shout. Richard Allen and C2 Steve Lindley shared the second row followed by two more C2’s Mikey Nichols and Steve Bosley on row three. Chris Alcock and Adam Wright shared row four ahead of C2’s Jason Bear and Andrew Cherry. Excellent performances from these two. Alex Pritchard sat on the sixth row alongside C2 Tim Williams followed by two more C2’s Paul Williams and Jacob Harris. Two SHW’S on row eight, Bill Taylor and Kieran Chidgzey, followed by two more C2’s, Josh Pettit and Tim Hill. C2 Curt Holmes was on row ten with SHW Lennie Wood. C2’s on the next two rows, Samuel Bensley, Alexander Lammin, Dan Hollinshead and Darren Townsley followed by the two qualifiers from the B final, Bailey and Walker.

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Beroual-Smith brought the pack up to line with Holmes alongside and looking across to anticipate when the pole sitter would go. It’s fair to say that in recent seasons Beroual-Smiths’s starts have not been a strong point but not so this year. He got on the power with Holmes just a fraction adrift. 0.050 to be precise. As the pack rounded the first turns there were changes aplenty but not right at the front. One lap in and Beroual-Smith was a couple of tenths clear. Nichols was up to third from Alcock, Wright, Allen, Pritchard, Bosley, Lindley and Bear. Second time around and the top ten were as you were. Third time around and still no changes. The two leaders just a couple of tenths apart and pulling away from Nichols in third. Fourth time around and still no changes. Fifth time around and Lindley went by Bosley for eighth. Sixth time around and Wright moved into fourth at the expense of Alcock. At the front Holmes tried to get a run on the leader through the hairpins but was rebuffed and lost a tenth. But he closed back up. Allen went by Alcock for fifth. Ninth time around and Holmes tried again. But Beroual-Smith kept him to the outside as they exited the short straight and round the mound. Again Holmes lost time. The next eight remained unchanged. Nichols had pulled clear of the pack and looked secure in third over four seconds clear of fourth placed Wright.

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Eleventh time around and Alcock slipped by Allen for fifth only for Allen to snatch the place back final time around. Beroual-Smith crossed the line just a couple of tenths clear. A clean drive from both of them. No histrionics from either of them and good to see plenty of smiles on the podium. Joe set the fastest lap just 0.01 quicker than Anwar. 4-1 now on A final wins but only a few points separating them in the standings and they are so evenly matched.

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Class 2 Podium – Winner Mickey Nichols, flanked by Steve Lindley and Jason Bear

Nichols took the final podium spot and took the C2 honours. A fine performance. He also set the fastest lap in C2. Wright claimed valuable points for fourth holding off the attentions of Alcock and Allen in fifth and sixth. Pritchard was seventh with eighth placed Lindley taking second in C2 with Bear third and ninth overall. Bosley completed the top ten.

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SuperHeavyweight Podium – Winner Bill Taylor, flanked by Kieran Chidgzey and Lennie Wood

Bill Taylor took the SHW honours with Kieran Chidgzey second from Lennie Wood. Chidgzey also set the fastest lap in the SHW class. And there was only one penalty dished out in the whole race. A cone penalty. Doesn’t matter who for.

The Championship Round Up

Anwar Beroual-Smith had probably the best race weekend of his life at Bayford winning everything he entered. He is in a rich vein of form but can it last? Joe Holmes is certainly going to do everything he can to get back on terms.

DSC 2024
Class 1 Podium – Winner Anwar Beroual-Smith, flanked by Joe Holmes and Adam Wright

Lydd should be quite something to watch. There is still a long way to go but it’s going to take someone special to overhaul the top two. Could the irrepressible Richard Allen or the ever consistent Adam Wright be the men to do it? Or perhaps Chris Alcock down in fifth but always there or thereabouts.

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Mikey Nichols heads C2 from Steve Lindley and Steve Bosley with the SHW’s headed by Bill Taylor from Lennie Wood and Adam Wray. Richard Neale has a healthy lead in C3 from Tom Stalker and Toby Sutton.


Just like to say a big thank you to everyone who inquired about my health. Thankfully I am now returned to full fitness and looking forward to the rest of the season. I think it’s fair to say that Bayford wasn’t the most exciting round we’ve had in CLUB100. I’m sure the heat played its part with drivers concentrating on staying cool both on and off the track. Good to see smiles all round on the podiums after some of the tensions of previous rounds.
See you all at Lydd !!

Words: Steve Gray
Photography: John Patterson