» Race reports » And Then There Were Two? Beroual-Smith and Brewer Share The Spoils.
» Race reports » And Then There Were Two? Beroual-Smith and Brewer Share The Spoils.

And Then There Were Two? Beroual-Smith and Brewer Share The Spoils.

by Chris Simpson | October 15, 2021 | SP60 Championships

A win and 2nd place a piece for the top 2 again in the championship continued Anwar Beroual-Smith and Dan Brewer’s domination, if it’s possible to share domination, of SP60 HW season. And even a 3rd and 4th place for Tim Clark was not enough to keep him in the hunt for the title and runner up spot is looking like a stretch. Counting 16 final scores Beroual-Smith leads Brewer 676 to 671 with Clark a further 20points behind, with 4 scoring races remaining and assuming wins are replacing Clark lowest counting scores, he can only manage to 22 more points with 4 wins added to his total, his challenge to Beroual -Smith runs out of puff at 673. Anwar commenting, “Well because of my 4 dropped P2s, Tim can’t actually catch me in the championship now, but he could catch Dan.

Well, because of my 4 dropped P2s, Tim can’t actually catch me in the championship now.

Anwar Beroul-Smith

It’s still really tight with Dan – even with my dropped 2nd places, they would only be useful if he had a bad round too which he doesn’t seem to be having so it will be a close run last 2 rounds that’s for sure. It really can go either way.” And Dan sees it the same way, “Yes I think Tim is out of it now. If I get bad results and he wins he could jump me, but given the form Anwar and I are in, I don’t think that’ll happen.” Clark will wrap up 3rd place in the championship, with Alex Pritchard and Ryan Sandall looking on from 4th and 5th place in the championship acknowledging there is a step change in class at the top SP60, Alex,”If I’m going to compete with Dan Brewer next year though I’ll need to be on minimum weight, him and Anwar have been in another class to the rest of the drivers this year. Anwar is a phenomenal driver. You drive with him on the track and he comes through so silky smooth. I think his experience might give him the championship this year.” Ryan, “Just a crap weekend for me, I think I can still catch Alex neither of us have had many top results and over the last few rounds. I’ve been closer to getting those so I think a top 4 or ideally top 3 or more in a couple of rounds coming up and finishing off strong should be good. Will be close for sure!”

SP60 Heavyweight Podium – Winner Anwar Beroual-Smith, flanked by Dan Brewer and Tim Clark

The talk of James Johnstone Rich Tea vLog this week is the news he’s heard Richard Allen is running the remaining rounds of SuperHeavies and although it’s clear his presence has rattled the class leader, his assessment that he cannot be caught in the championship is likely correct Dickie would finish 3rd in race 1 at Whilton Mill, and will outscore James handsomely in the last 2 rounds and even James would acknowledge that, and if Allen hadn’t missed so many rounds that he will not score a complete 16 races in his championship but only 14 will mean he won’t overhaul him at Bayford Meadows, Richard Newton’s 2nd place in the class is in danger. Allen has thrown his hat in the SHW ring a round too late. Much to James Johnstone’s relief, “Fair play to Dickie, that man is a force to be reckoned with. Thank God he chose this point to mount a championship challenge. Fact is though if I keep it on track and score valid points in the remaining four rounds, it’s firmly in my hands.” True.


Matt Horgan fresh from winning the morning Intermediate Class enduro set the pace in practice and when the session went green he would slot in behind Clark’s 53.722 to get on the provisonal front row. Clark pushed pole on to 53.497 then 53.458, a mark no one could better before Horgan improved his time to 53.501 to lock up the front row with a minute or so left on the clock. Daniel Taylor tried to crash the front row on his last lap with 53.519, and would secure grid 3 with Beroual-Smith joining him on row, his main rival Brewer and leading SuperHeavyweight Richard Allen on the 3rd row. Philip Hoodless, Stephen Jennings, Pritchard and Tarik Almou made up the top 10 in a full grid of 37.

Race 1

Tim Clark set off like he needed to, stretching Matt Horgan, Beroual-Smith getting the better of Dan Taylor to go 3rd with Allen pushing through as well, Brewer slipped back to 6th, a gap opening up behind the top 6 that Pritchard moved into with Jennings, O’Connor and Almou. Sandall had been grid 13, “Poor qualifying after really bad traffic issues the whole time. Then I got taken out on lap 1 just a racing incident 3 wide someone was gonna lose out and I was on the outside so just unlucky really. I was already thinking about getting back into the race didn’t even think about the starting on the grass. So I’d make a comeback all the way to 13th only to find out I was excluded.” Rule15 u – Rejoining circuit in an unsafe manner.

Brewer moved passed Taylor for 5th, while Allen picking up the tow ahead from Horgan and Beroual Smith set fastest lap before passing them both to go 2nd, Clark opening up the lead to 1sec, before Allen returned to 4th on the next lap as Beroual-Smith and Brewer moved into the top 3 to be 1.1secs behind their championship rival Clark in just under 4 laps. By then Pritchard had bridged the gap into the top 7, vut only briefly, as Beroual-Smith and then Brewer took up the chase of Clark, who after a strong start again proved a useful marker to finding a fast time around this latest track to everyone else but couldn’t break away. It would not be long before Brewer was moving through to the lead as the top 6 came back together for a hectic lap or so that would see Allen back in 2nd place, Clark down to 3rd, Horgan, Taylor and Beroual-Smith dropping to an unheard of 6th for Mr P2.

At the 10min mark Brewer had managed what Clark had not, breaking clear by over 2secs, assistance being provided by SHW Allen in 2nd place holding off Clark, Horgan, Beroual-Smith moving up the line again, and Taylor, Pritchard slipped off to 4secs towing through Almou and O’Connor, Alex again. “I don’t think I had a great kart under me for either race although I’m punching above my weight coming in at 94.5kg. Next year I’m getting down to 86! Even in the tow I was losing the guys in front, both Dan Taylor and Matt Horgan disappeared, which isn’t something that would usually happen.” Clark moved on Allen for 2nd which just handed another second of time to Brewer, Anwar moved passed Horgan for 4th.

By half distance Brewer was edging out to 3.5secs Clark had Allen and Beroual-Smith in tow, Horgan in danger of, then soon became, detached as Taylor already had. Further back Pritchard had Stuart Martin motoring forward closing in on his 7th place, Richard Newton was running 2nd in SHW, to Allen up front, in 15th, while Johnstone’s race 1 was looking like a right off in P24, “I’ve never been less at one with kart and track, despite that had I not got embroiled in two incidents I would have probably still finished well, we live and we learn.”

The 20min mark came and went, Brewer looking secure at nearly 5secs over Clark, Allen, and one can presume Beroual-Smith waiting for his moment to slide through to maximise all he could maximise in the race, and that was looking more and more like 2nd place. Into the last 5mins Anwar saw his opportunity to pass Allen and moved straight on to Clark the next lap. He was 5.7secs behind Brewer. Thats all he could net, Allen moved passed Clark, that gave Anwar half a second or so, and with only a few laps left, he is a canny operator, and he’s been around the block (or Whilton Mill) far too many times, he stretched clear as Clark tried in vain to keep his title aspirations afloat. Allen held him off for 3rd place and SHW class win. 4secs further back, Horgan flashed across the line with Taylor hanging on to his slipstream, then a further 11secs on the road back to Pritchard finishing 7th ahead O’Connor, Almou and Stuart Martin in 10th. But… Horgan had picked up a 2 place penalty for excessive kerbing demoting him to 7th, and promoting Taylor to 5th, Pritchard to 6th.

Race 2

So having closed a few points on his only title rival, Beroual-Smith, Brewer set off from pole position, Anwar slotting in behind before moving to the lead on lap 2, Allen, Clark, Taylor joining in again in the lead group, Almou passing Pritchard to lead a 2nd group with Horgan, O’Connor and Stephen Jennings in 10th place. The leading pressed on hard, too hard for Allen who could not go with them but was doing sterling work holding off Clark, and Taylor and thats how it would remain for the next 5mins until Almou, having dropped Pritchard, bridged the gap and passed Taylor for 5th.

Allen had done the top 2 in the championship a great service so that by the time Clark had made the pass for 3rd place, bringing a rapid Tarik Almou with him, Clark was 4secs behind his rivals that he must’ve known would be difficult to bridge on past experience especially with the complication of Almou and Allen, likely to be wanting to be back by rather than helping him out. Pritchard demoted Taylor from P6.

On halfway the force of nature Allen struck again to go 3rd and extended the leading pair’s lead to 5secs, Brewer again, “The second race was insane. Anwar got by me and started defending hard with 18 mins to go.” Beroual-Smith, “Race 2 with Dan was probably one of the best Club100 races I’ve had – hard but fair racing. He put a great move on me to take the lead, but I managed to return the favour with a good move too a few laps later. Hell of a race!”

However the battling up front was giving Clark renewed hope the gap coming down rapidly as the leading duo slowed to 56secs lap pace while dicing and Clark had thrown off Allen and Almou, Pritchard coming through to 4th place although 1.4secs behind. Brewer again, “I did manage to get past Anwar round the outside of the boot at one point, it was probably my best ever move. But he got me back a couple of laps later.” Clark was in the mix now and Brewer was back to 3rd place briefly. As the pair remembered to run at pace and dropped Clark again, only for Tim to rejoin in the closing few minutes. Beroual-Smith was where he wanted to be, and as ever, he would prove tough to shift from the lead. Dan again, “Maybe I should have defended it more. There had been loads of side by side and I tried everything but just couldn’t make it stick”.

At the finish Beroual-Smith took the win, and the round, on the tie break by 0.81secs, from Brewer and Clark 3rd, Pritchard was 3secs behind in 4th place with Allen passing Almou on the last lap and Taylor in the chasing group. Gap to Stephen Jennings 8th, Matt Horgan and Garrett O’Connor rounded out the top 10. Only to be replaced by a demoted Tarik Almou with a +4 Positions, 15 b – Forcing driver wide penalty, Taylor, Jennings, Horgan and O’Connor all moved up one place.

SP60 Super Heavyweight Podium – Richard ‘Dickie’ Allen, flanked by James Johnstone and Richard Newton

Dickie Allen romped off with the SuperHeavyweight Class win in the race and the event, Johnstone coming home in 14th, Mark Ford finishing 3rd in 20th in the race, which left Allen flanked by Johnstone and Newton on the podium once again.

Words: Chris Simpson
Photography: John Patterson

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