Alex Ready Wins At Rye House & With Daniel Healey Dominates. 5 Become 2 For Finale

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Andrea Fioravanti had missed out on the top 20 in timed qualifying, Ben Atkinson was another driver probably feeling he should have been in the Pre A by right, but the pair made the most of their Pre B Final front row to lead. Iain McGregor survived a love tap into the braking zone of hairpin 1 from Andrew Ward, who to be fair was just trying to hold off Jacob Heyne-Ford. Back at the startline it looked to all like Fioravanti and Atkinson were checking out for the Pre A, gap to McGregor and Ward, then Jacopo Fioravanti and he would spend the opening half of the race swapping positions with Heyne-Ford, until Jacob got the upper hand. Just. Ward had dropped 3secs off the leaders by half way and Jacob, leading the arguing trio, was gunning for 4th. Up front McGregor was edging back into the fight, Atkinson pressed into the leader and when Andrea Fioravanti was pushed into a poor exit on to the front straight, Ben was able to squeeze by into Stadium. Andrea went straight in on the counter into hairpin 2 running the pair slow and wide off the corner, and McGregor, just back on to Andrea bumper, drove a decent line off the corner to cruise by to the lead into Pylon. Heyne-Ford had caught up with Ward in 4th and crucially had him to himself after dropping Jacopo, Alex and joined by Aidan Kichener. Ward got suckered into going too narrow into the hairpin, Heyne-Ford turned inside of him on the exit to go 4th. Jacob just needed a few corners to let Jacopo and Alex to get up on to Andrew’s bumper and he was safe. Into the final quarter Ben Atkinson had moved back to the lead with move inside of hairpin 1 on Iain, two laps later Andrea emerged from Stadium 2nd and the qualifying top 4 was set.
C100Rye-7529The Top 6 in the championship underlined their class supremacy in timed qualifying for the Pre A Final Daniel Healey on pole ahead of Alex Ready, White, Brierley, King and Neale. Off the start, Healey got the hole shot, and he and Ready were clear of Brierley. Chris Powell and Harrison Darvill tried to crash the party but Neale hung on to 6th into the hairpin. I’d spoken to Harry on the grid, and he was clear wins were needed to keep his show going to Buckmore, he dived inside King in Pylon for 5th. However when they returned to the stripe it looked like it might already be too late the Dan & Alex show was stretching out a 1secs gap on Sean and the other 4 and only Powell was able to hang on to that group. For a while it was like everyone was just trying to go as fast as they could to try and hold on to the leading duo perhaps in the hope they’d start to scrap and come back to the them, King was the first to break falling off the back with Powell for 6th for the rest of the race. White got a good run off the last corner to go 3rd into Stadium ahead Brierley. Neale responded with a repeat of his ‘between the apexes’ move on Brierley into Pylon, which looks spectacular done at pace, and makes you look like a chump if the door gets closed on you and you bury someone in the outside barrier. Heading back to the pits Neale was 4th. It gave White a small advantage in 3rd, but not much, and it brought King, Powell, Darvill and Adrian Richardson back into the battle for 4th. I wonder sometimes if the Vega tyres switch on at different times depending on drivers’ driving style Neale dived inside of Sean at the hairpin. Powell looked inside King in Pylon but Thom was wary in there now, so Chris had to be careful with Darvill and Richardson on his bumper. Powell took a punt inside of the hairpin on lap 6, King had been narrowing his line going into the corner and they ran out wide, Powell managed to stayed in his newly acquired 6th, but King got swallowed by Richardson and could barely see off Darvill. With a third of race gone, Healey had edged out to 0.75secs, perhaps Alex knew he didn’t have “it”, and was hoping Dan might come back to him later in proceedings, in turn he was 2secs clear of White, so the pair would sort out between them. Neale was 1secs off and edging into Adam and towing Brierley clear of Powell, Richardson and King, Jason Kirk brought the main body through with Pietro Pagano closing in 10th.

Coming into the final third of the race, Healey’s extra tenth was finally pegged by Ready at 1.2secs but only briefly, Dan would run out to a win by 2secs, back markers playing a bit part in the run at the front. White had been 3secs off the lead and had given Neale a loose grip on the elastic of his slipstream, Brierley had settled in to finish 5th. White held Neale at kart length until the last lap, Harry appeared to be better from the first hairpin to the last corner, and it looked if he could get close enough he’d pull the trigger again in Pylon, but instead he block passed Adam into the first hairpin, he covered off the counter into hairpin 2 and by Pylon 3rd was his. Powell had eventually seen off Richardson for 6th, King had been hanging on to their coat tails unable to make any progress. Kirk held off Pagano to round out the top 10.

C100Rye-7610So two remaining grid slots on the back of A Final up for grabs as the prize for the top 2 finishers in the B Final. I wish I could tell you it was in doubt until the very last corner or something… But it wasn’t. Charles Holroyd was on pole and Chris Penny on grid 2, the pair emerged ahead of Tom Lee from Stadium, Charles half overshot his apex into the first hairpin, and half helped off it by Penny. They were side by side through hairpin 2, the road kinks down the back straight and Lee just had to wait, it was single file out of Pylon, then Tom wobbled off the last corner and would be defending from Jacopo Fioravanti into Stadium. That and half an eye on watching Penny, Holroyd and qualification to the A Final driving away from him. Tom saw off Jacopo in short order but by then the damage as so often was the case at Rye House was done, after Penny saw off Holroyd’s best shot into the hairpin, the result never looked in doubt. The pair ran out 9secs clear of Lee at the finish.

C100Rye-7719A shade over 0.02secs had given Healey pole position again for the A Final ahead of Harry Neale now desperate for a win, I guess. Ready and White on row 2, Richardson and Brierley on row 3, King needed a quicker kart than the Pre A, he could only manage 12th. In a repeat of the Pre A Final Healey and Ready already had a small gap out of hairpin 2, as White had pushed ahead of Neale, significantly the pair had started on the outside line of the grid into Stadium and lost out to Ready sitting on the pole man’s bumper on grid 3. Neale recovered 3rd with his speciality Pylon move, it ran Adam wide and slow and Richardson was able to run around the outside at the pit entrance for the inside of the last corner, that would give Harry an unhindered run into Stadium. But here again the damage was already done, the tow was broken, Healey and Ready were out of reach of Neale for the duration. Pietro Pagano off grid 9 made the most of the two by two run into the last corner to slide under Brierley on to lap 2. Ben Atkinson sat in behind, Chris Powell, Lovis Wentworth and Harrison Darvill heading the chasing pack at the bottom of the top 10.

This time Ready showed intent not to follow but to push Healey hard all the time, all the way and not let Dan get his groove on. Lap 4 he forced Dan to cover into the first hairpin, and they were side by side into hairpin 2, Alex on outside and with better traction/more momentum at track out he was through to the lead into Pylon. Neale had barely had time to make a dent in the leaders and the dice was over, he edged back to 1.3secs off Healey, but Dan was in no rush to strike straight back, he’d follow for a while and see if Alex would crack, Richardson was nearly a second behind Harry, 3rd was in the bag, it just wouldn’t be enough. Richardson was clear of Pagano who’d recently passed White, even though Adam was keen to get 5th back, Pietro was set on running Adrian down and he had for a while, the trio running together until lap 10 when Richardson edged clear again. Neale matched the leaders pace 1.2secs behind, Healey sat off Ready’s bumper and on they went. Ben Atkinson had been trying to edge up on to White’s bumper and Powell was tracking him. 7 seconds behind Sean Brierley had been backing up the field for 5-6 laps, and 8 karts sat in line behind him all the way back to Nik Hoyle in 18th. White retook Pagano for 5th, the next lap he ran around the outside into Pylon to pass Richardson, who could do nothing about Pagano changing lanes to get on to White’s bumper into the second part of the complex, Adrian just about held off Atkinson into the last corner and with Powell in behind they were set to have a five way fight for 4th to the finish. Brierley continued to lose a second a lap and was 9secs behind still holding off Darvill in 10th and the line stretched back to Jacob Heyne-Ford in 21st into the closing stages.

And thats how it finished Ready made no mistakes, Healey took one shot between the apexes of Pylon on the penultimate lap, it was close but it failed, I guess he doesn’t need to, finishing behind Alex will be enough now. Neale got no closer than a second, he’d lost his chance at the start, again. White came through in a distant 4th ahead Pagano, Richardson, Atkinson, Powell. 14seconds behind, a full 25secs off the lead, Darvill ran around Brierley in hairpin 2 on the last lap after his first attempt had failed the lap before. It was disappointing way for Sean to end his run at the title.

C100Rye-7791To mark your card Alex Ready needs to finish at least 4th in the Buckmore Park Pre A Final to keep the championship going to the last Final of the season. Dan Healey needs a 2nd in the Pre A Final to put the championship beyond Alex. A podium in the Pre A Final for Sean Brierley will put 3rd beyond Thom King, but Neale is just 6 points behind and 3rd will go down to the wire.  Adam White could knock King out of 5th, but 18 points behind, with King a double winner in February and Buckmore Elite front runner that might be a tall order, Adam is 6th right now, and that’s where he’ll finish. (Revision 2)

If you think that arithmetic is wrong please send your theories

Did you follow all that? There will be test on the 21st November after the A Final #Club100Math.