Alex Ready Wins At Buckmore But His Failure In The Pre Final Clinches Title For Healey

C100Buck11b 7865

(In the absence of being able to watch video or employ the timing replay, at the time of writing to fake it) I can only report Alexander Lammin won the Pre B Final from pole position from Adrian Richardson coming off grid 8. Iain McGregor also off row 4 and Mark White off grid 3 made up the 4 qualifiers.

C100Buck11a-8820On the restart of the Pre A Final Thom King converted his pole position (unsurprising  given his reputation at Buckmore Park – it’s his manor) to the lead, but his fellow front row starter Adam White was on his bumper into hairpin 1 and pressing hard. Ben Yarwood, off grid 5, would be the other driver clear of the horde two and three wide piling in behind, Sean Brierley brought the pack filtering into the Esses single file for the run down to Paddock. Out of turn 1 Adam had a run and Thom didn’t fight too hard into hairpin bringing as it did Yarwood on to his bumper for a few corners at least before the race settled down and spread. Freddie Fincham dived under Ben Atkinson behind to go 5th. Back here a lap later Ben would overshoot on the brakes, cold track, brain and tyres for sure. With White edging clear, King began to unhitch Yarwood. Brierley already looked set on 4th place, it was all he had under him, leaving the racing to Harrison Darvill holding off Neale for 5th while trying to stretch Fincham, Aidan Kichener, Frankie Hedges and Chris Powell. Healey and Ready were in the midfield and making no impression going forward. Great, as odd as it sounds, for Dan but catastrophic for Alex. By halfway Healey’s disruption of Ready’s progress had left Alex 3secs behind Lammin in 10th but a whopping 10secs behind King in 2nd place. The championship was decided then and indeed perhaps Dan knew it as Ready started to drop the new champion, Adrian Richardson and Nik Hoyle demoting him to 14th. Adam White had sufficient control and maintained enough of a lead to keep King out of range. Yarwood settled into 3rd, Brierley cruised in safe in the knowledge 3rd championship was probably just about there. Harrison Darvill had pulled clear into his best finish since Ellough Park back in March. Powell pressed Kichener on to the last lap but Aidan would hang on for his season’s best finish 6th. Somewhere out in the darkness Harry Neale had slid backwards to finish 30secs off the lead in 21st, he could not afford a repeat in the main A Final.

Having just missed out on qualification to the A Final at least Chris Penny had set a time for pole position for the B Final, James Williams on the outside, Andrew Mather and Oliver Rowland (yes that one – at the end of his GP2 and Formula Renault 3.5 season) and he’d run down the inside of Williams to go 2nd inside of hairpin 1 off the start, but was too accommodating to let James back through into the next corner and also lost out to Mather handing Penny a 10 kart start. Rowland, no doubt just out for some fun, couldn’t help himself but get down to some racing with pass on Mather into hairpin 1, then Andrea Fioravanti followed through on Andrew into the next corner to release Oli ahead. Mather’s chances of one of the 2 qualifying spots to the A were looking over as he battled to hold off Keith Segal, James Munro, Jacopo Fioravanti and David Darling. Penny’s tenure as race leader was reaching termination with Williams closing. Wisely Penny didn’t hold him in the pass for the lead almost certainly to try and sit on James bumper to stay clear to the finish, and it might have worked when Andrea Fioravanti sliced inside at hairpin 2 behind for 3rd on Rowland but a slow exit on halfway from Garda by Williams, then a yellow flag into hairpin 1 brought the top 4 back together. With Williams covering into hairpin 2 Penny chose to take a wide turn in for a fast exit but opened himself up to Andrea although once there Andrea appeared more focussed on keeping the spot than chasing after Williams. Closing stages Fioravanti pulled left off hairpin 2 presumably to block Penny off into the Esses but  forgot Rowland was sat behind them both and Oliver ran round the outside of the pair before the Esses. By Paddock on the last lap Williams and Rowland were just out of Andrea’s reach, he was also too deep and off line trying to get closer and off the corner Penny appeared to clip him into a spin, 14th for Andrea, exclusion for Penny.  James Munro swept by Penny and Andrea’s son Jacopo Fioravanti was handed 6th with his exclusion.

C100Buck11a-9081Traditionally a Club100 season ends in darkness in November at Buckmore Park, it’s always cold, but if you’re lucky its not raining. This meant we were lucky, I still remember how round 1 finished but it was still bloody cold! Set by lap times in the Pre Final, Christopher Powell had pole position, just as he had had for the A Final back in the summer, Neale had at least set a good time to be on the front row, he needed to convert it to a good finish to take secure 4th in the championship, ahead of Ready and White on row 2. As ever the pole man got the hole shot and as almost always happen grid 3 would be 2nd into or off hairpin 1. They’d also have the cleanest run through hairpin 2 to be a few kart lengths clear of Yarwood although with Powell going defensive into the hairpin on lap 2 he’d be back to Ready’s bumper. Lammin had monstered the Esses kerbs to get passed White on the first lap to be 4th when they reemerged into Paddock.

After surviving run across the bottom Powell looked to be on borrowed time and when they got to Paddock on the next lap Alex dived inside Chris and that was the invitation to Yarwood to drive inside into Garda, Lammin squeezing through to 3rd on the exit. There was no stopping Lammin he was straight down the inside for 2nd and Yarwood was back to 3rd. Could Alex hang onto Ready? Well in holding off Yarwood into hairpin 2, he’d be 2-3 kart lengths down into the Esses. Yarwood looked consigned to 3rd or worse, possibly needing help from Powell to hold up Neale, then a gap to White holding off Brierley, King, Adrian Richardson. Neale shot and missed into Paddock, he could have waited as a lap later Powell ground to a halt off Garda. It held up Harry and the top 3 were gone and it also returned White and King to Neale’s bumper, Adam wasting no time to slice inside of hairpin 1 for 4th place.

C100Buck11b-7855Into the last third of the race Lammin had hung on the edge of Ready’s draft perhaps hoping for a back marker to be in the way at the wrong/right place/time, and there was a good chance that might happen. 1.5secs behind Yarwood had half a second on White who had been unable to drop Neale and King running in his wheel tracks but that was all Thom was doing. Every now again Lammin would close, look but not pass, perhaps he was practicing for one shot and done. White missed the line by a kart width off Pullmans and in getting back across for the turn in for Paddock, left himself open for Neale to take his only chance side by side leaving the corner Adam was pinned to the outside into Garda. Neale defending resolutely and using King behind to preoccupy White to the finish. On to the final lap Lammin looked inside at turn 1 but lifted he never got close enough again. It was a 5th win of the season for Alex Ready from Lammin on his bumper, 3secs behind Yarwood, gap then to Neale who had broken White and King, Brierley secured 3rd in the championship finishing ahead of Daniel Healey, the new champion, in 8th place, Ben Atkinson and Lewis Bickers rounding out the top 10.

See you at Buckmore Park on 28 February 2016