A Championship in One Day. PFI International 6 Hour.

August 26, 2020
Steve Gray

A first visit for CLUB100 to PFI International for the Club’s special event of the year. And what a facility to host the event. First opened in 1994 fulfilling a dream for Paul Fletcher and a far cry from the little circuit he created in the car park of his Sheffield bakery. There are many great circuits in this country which have been developed over many years but this is, in my humble opinion, the best. It’s certainly the longest with plenty of overtaking opportunities for drivers and great viewing for spectators. For years CLUB100 members have been campaigning to visit PFI and now they had the chance, the event being sold out well in advance.

Thirty seven teams split into three classes. Elites, Premiers (P) and the Clubman’s (C) with eight races spread over six hours, four half hour sprints in the morning, Round 1, followed by four one hour races in the afternoon, Round 2, with Teams top three scores in each session counting towards their final positions and random grid positions across all eight races.


Down Farce (C) on pole from Troopz Is My Hero (P) on pole for the first race of the day. Titan Motorsport (E) and Algorithmic Ascendancy (P) occupied row with 2 Fat 2 Furious (C) and Jaguar Skills (P) on row three. Rich Energy Firing Squad (E) shared row four with Apex Hunters United (C) whilst Team FROT (P) occupied row five with The 4 Masketeers (P) followed by Hendy Performance (P) and Ministry of Speed (E) et al.

Down Farce led the field away whilst Ministry of Speed were already in trouble somehow managing not to find their correct grid position and starting from row three rather than row six. A six place post race penalty would not help their chances for the day. Troopz is My Hero also crossed the line just a fraction ahead of the pole sitter but not by a sufficient margin to gain any advantage and were behind Down Farce as the field swung into the chicane and under the bridge for the first time. Clearly the excitement of leading was too much for the pilot who spun dropping the team down to twenty first by the end of the lap. It would get worse. Apex Hunters United too were early casualty’s as the packed grid sorted itself out. End of the lap and Titan Motorsport had jumped to the front followed by Rich Energy Firing Squad, Hendy Performance and Team FROT. Three laps in and Titan had the gap out to over two seconds from Hendy who had moved ahead of Team FROT in the hairpins. Ministry of Speed were fourth and closing in on third crossing the line just 0.042 adrift and only 0.053 ahead of Rich Energy Firing Squad. Team FROT were clearly there for the taking. And coming up rapidly was Briars Racing. Having started on grid seventeen they quickly worked their way forward. Quarter distance and Titan had the lead out to almost four seconds whilst Hendy was holding the gap back to Ministry. Team FROT still ran fourth whilst Briars Racing was having to defend from Jaguar Skills, recovering after a poor start and Team Applewood, up from grid twenty two. And arriving in the top ten were KyritsHicks Racing after starting from grid thirty five.

Half distance and Titan were still extending the gap at the front whilst Hendy looked equally comfortable in second. Ministry were unable to get clear of Briars whilst KyritsHicks were now up to a remarkable fifth. Team Applewood ran sixth taking Team FROT over the line. KyritsHicks made short work of getting by Briars and rapidly closed in on Ministry who defended hard for a couple of laps all of which allowed the front pair to pull further clear. But KyritsHicks could not be denied and slipped by in the hairpins taking Applewood with them. They were almost six seconds adrift of second placed Hendy. Could they cut the gap? Sensibly Applewood, in fourth, didn’t try to battle with them preferring to hold station just a couple of tenths back. Titan continued to pull away at the front whilst third placed Kyritsis chipped away at the gap to second placed Hendy. But there was not enough time. Titan took the win and maximum points and set the fastest lap of the race. Hendy came home second and took the Clubman class honours with KyritsHicks third just over three seconds adrift of Hendy at the flag. A stunning performance after starting from the back of the grid.

Team Applewood took a comfortable fourth whilst Ministry were next but demoted out of the top ten after their penalty and handing the place to Briars. Good points for them and comfortably clear of Rich Energy Firing Squad. Team FROT were next but dropped a couple of spots for exceeding track limits. Jaguar Skills were next but they too suffered a penalty for multiple contacts and would be classified tenth. All of which allowed Troopz is My Hero to take seventh ahead of DRS Racing. Apex Hunters United took the class honours in the Clubman class after finishing sixteenth.


Warwick (P) on pole for the second race of the day with Ballinger Law Do Or Die (C) alongside. DRS Racing (P) on the second row with KyritsHicks alongside and looking the favourites after their race one exploits. Row three saw Old Men Racing (P) alongside SMIDSY (P) with All Torque Racing (P) sharing row four with No Hope (C). JMKA Racing (C) sat alongside Algorithmic Ascendancy from Team FROT (P) and Down Force (C) et al.

Warwick led the field away but Ballinger was a little slow away from the line allowing DRS up to second. KyritsHicks had to follow Ballinger through the first turns and could not find away by. Over the end of the line at the end of the first tour and Warwick was half a second to the good followed by DRS who had both Ballinger and KyritsHicks alongside. DRS Hung on, just, KyritsHicks made it by Ballinger as did SMIDSY. Next time around and Ballinger had slipped further down the order behind No Hope and Titan, up to sixth from grid sixteen. And Ministry were coming into the picture after starting from grid twenty three. KyritsHicks slipped by DRS and immediately began to open up a gap. As DRS came under pressure from SMIDSY. It took a lap but soon they were up to fourth. Ballinger continued to fall away and were soon outside of the top ten. Quarter distance and Warwick still led holding off KyritsHicks by half a Kart as they crossed the line. KyritsHicks tried repeatedly round the lap but Warwick held on, still only half a Kart up as they crossed the line with SMIDSY closing in on them both. Ministry had moved up to fourth closely followed by Titan whilst G3 Pro had worked their way through the order from grid twenty nine. Warwick continued to hold on the front as KyritsHicks pressed hard still under a tenth adrift at the end of each lap. Ministry had arrived to spoil the fun with Titan just a few Kart lengths back in fourth after displacing SMIDSY with G3 Pro a tenth back and pulling clear of Team Young Guns. KyritsHicks made it by Warwick as they swung left after the underpass but ran wide and Ministry made the most of the chance moving to the front as they crossed the bridge. And down into the hairpins G3 Pro had greater momentum and slipped by Warwick. A lap later and they were second and closing in on the leader.

Half distance and they were ahead with Ministry second from KyritsHicks, Titan and a fading Warwick who now had Team Young Guns for company. G3 Pro continued to lead but weren’t dropping Ministry whilst Titan was falling away from the fight whilst defending from KyritsHicks and Team Young Guns who were really flying at this point. 2SM were now up to sixth after starting from grid twenty one and making their way steadily through the field. Three quarter distance and G3 Pro had pulled almost a second clear of Ministry whilst Team Young Guns were up to third. With four to run they were up to second. But that was where they remained and despite setting the fastest lap on the penultimate tour they could not quite catch G3 Pro. Ministry crossed the line over two seconds back in third with Titan well back in fourth. KyritsHicks were also well back in fifth with SMIDSY next just clear of 2SM but well clear of Apex Hunters United, Warwick and No Hope. But then came the penalties. G3 Pro suffered a two place deduction for multiple contacts dropping them to third whilst Team Young Guns dropped two places for exceeding track limits thus handing the win to Ministry with Titan second. KyritsHicks dropped a place for cone abuse promoting SMIDSY to fifth and first in the Premier class. 2SM took seventh whilst Apex Hunters Limited took apex hunting to the limits and beyond losing two places and the Clubman class honours which went to No Hope in ninth. Apex did have the consolation of fastest lap in their class with SMIDSY fastest in the Prems. One of the more unusual penalties was handed out to Jaguar Skills. An eight place deduction for changing a race-able Kart.


Refine Metals Racing (P) sat on pole for race three with Ant Hill Mob(C) alongside. Row two saw G3 Pro alongside Joy Drama (C) with DDMM Barnstormers(P) and Apteryx Racing (P) on row three. Lufbra Allstars(P) and Slickspeed(P) shared row three from Hendy Performance and Apex Hunters United et al.

Refine Metals led the pack away whilst Joy Drama got the jump on the Ant Hill Mob to slip into second. G3 Pro and DDMM Barnstormers remained fourth and fifth whilst down the order Slickspeed and Ballinger Law were early spinners. Ministry of Speed caught the eye over the first lap moving up from grid thirty five to nineteenth as they took full advantage of others misfortune. The top four quickly settled into a rhythm and gradually eased away from fifth placed Apteryx who were having to defend from Lufbra. A few lengths back from this fight Hendy had KyritsHicks snapping their rear bumper. In the space of a lap both Lufbra and KyritsHicks demoted Apteryx with Hendy eighth. Six laps in and the lead changed as Joy Drama took over at the front with Ant Hill Mob second and Refine Metals dropping to third. G3 Pro remained fourth but KyritsHicks were beginning to close the gap. In the space of a lap both KyritsHicks and Lufbra Affairs slipped by G3 Pro. It would be the start of a steady decline which would see them eventually finish down in sixteenth. Eight down and Joy Drama still set the pace from Ant Hill Mob whilst Refine Metals was just holding off KyritsHicks. Lufbra Allstars were being dropped whilst Ministry had moved into the top ten. Both Refine Metals and KyritsHicks got by Ant Hill Mob who was now having to defend from Ministry. It was a losing battle. KyritsHicks took over at the front whilst Ministry moved up to third at the expense of Refine Metals. Half distance and KyritsHicks still led but Ministry was up to second and closing rapidly. Joy Drama was being dropped but still holding third ahead of Refine Metals whilst Lubra Affairs remained a lonely fifth ahead of Ant Hill Mob. Apteryx, Rich Energy Firing Squad, G3 Pro and Hendy. KyritsHicks hung on at the front for a couple of laps but had to bow to the inevitable as Ministry swept by into the lead and immediately began to pull clear. KyritsHicks were comfortable in second though, over four seconds clear of the battle for third led by Joy Drama. And quite a battle it was turning into as third to tenth was covered by a little over three seconds. Team Applewood were running eleventh and had been there for several laps, making little or no impression on the top ten.

With ten minutes to go the top two were out of sight whilst Joy Drama remained third from Apteryx, Lufbra, Rich Energy, Ant Hill Mob and Refine Metals. Team Young Guns had crept into ninth from grid thirty and Team Applewood were about to come alive after stagnating around eleventh and twelfth. It was getting a touch fraught with five to go as less than two seconds covered third to tenth. Four to go and Apteryx were third whilst Team Young Guns moved up four places in the space of a lap as the pack jostled for position.

Three to go and the order was shuffled again as Rich Energy went from sixth to third, Lufbra to fourth and Team Young Guns fell back a place. And Team Applewood moved into sixth. Two to go and they demoted Team Young guns another place but the latter fought back and as they started the last lap they were back up to third chased by Team Applewood. And there they stayed. A feisty few laps to end the race. Ministry took the win, and fastest lap, over three seconds clear of KyritsHicks with the chasing pack over eighteen seconds adrift as they slowed each other battling over third. Team Young Guns were next with Team Applewood in their wheel tracks. Lufbra Allstars were next but penalised two places for exceeding track limits promoting Rich Energy Firing Squad to fifth and Joy Drama to sixth and the Clubmans honours. Lufbra still took the Prem honours with Apteryx next from Ant Hill Mob and All Torque racing, the latter two benefitting from a four place penalty for Troopz Is My Hero. Apex Hunters set the fastest lap in the Clubmans with All Torque Racing fastest in the Prems.


The final race before the lunch break saw Monster Hornets (C) on pole from Team Applewood. Top Cats (C) and Team Young Guns occupied row two with G Force Racing (C) Ministry of Speed on row three. Race Spec Cages (P) and 2SM shared row four with The 4 Maskateers alongside Briars Racing et al. The worst start of the day for the final race in the morning with too many drivers wanting to win it on the first lap, spinning and resulting in a restart. Hendy Performance ended up with a damaged Kart just after the underpass and couldn’t get it going resulting in the driver having to get back to the pits for a replacement machine. And it’s a fair distance. All of which meant a reduced race time. Monster Hornets brought the field up to the line for the second time but Team Applewood judged the start to perfection and moved into the lead. Top Cats too were quickly through to second whilst Hornets dropped to third. Behind these it was line astern for Team Young Guns, G Force Racing, Ministry of Speed and Race Spec Cages.

Three laps in and Team Applewood were pulling clear of the chasing pack led by Team Young Guns from Top Cats. Down the order Titan Motorsport were on a charge, up from grid twenty one to ninth after three laps. A lap later they’d moved up another couple of places and by half distance they were into third but trailing Team Young Guns in second by over four seconds. Game On. The order settled for awhile with Team Applewood pulling further away from Team Young Guns whilst third placed Titan could make little impression on the gap to second whilst keeping a wary eye on fourth placed Ministry who were coming under pressure from The Four Masketeers who in turn had G Force Racing breathing down their overalls. For several laps the order remained static as the field began to spread itself out a little. But with three to go The 4 Masketeers slipped by Ministry for fourth. Penultimate lap and the order looked to be settled but over the final tour Ministry lost out badly slipping from fifth to ninth and losing valuable points. But the race belonged to Team Applewood taking their first win of the day in dominant style crossing the line over four seconds clear of Team Young Guns in second. Over the final laps Titan began to close in but they had left it too late and had to settle for second.

The 4 Masketeers came home fourth and took the Premier class honours with Rich Energy Firing Squad fifth from Hendy Performance who were flying towards the end picking up valuable places and setting fastest lap in class. Apex Hunters United followed them home with G-Force Racing eighth. DDMM Barnstormers crossed the line next but lost four places for forcing a driver wide dropping to thirteenth and promoting Ministry of Speed back to ninth with Race Spec Cages tenth.


The halfway stage saw Titan Motorsport heading the Elites from Ministry of Speed and Team Applewood whilst Hendy Performance led the Prems from Troopz is my Hero and Lufbra Allstars. Apex Hunters United topped the Clubman’s order from No Hope and Top Cats. But it was only half time. Still plenty to race for in the afternoon and rain was forecast. Four races, each one hour long with a window open between fifteen and forty five minutes for a lube stop and driver changes.


Down Farce (C) on pole with All Torque Racing (P) alongside. DDMM Barnstormers (P) occupied the second row with Hendy Performance (P). 2 Fat 2Furious (C) shared row three with DRS Racing (P). Row four, Ant Hill Mob (C) alongside Apex Hunters United (C) whilst Ballinger Law Do Or Die (C) lined up alongside G3 Pro (E) on row five.

Down Farce led the field away but it was Hendy Performance who caught the eye storming through from the second row to lead with All Torque Racing tucking into second. Down Farce lost out badly dropping down to fifth. It would be the start of a steady decline which would see them eventually finish down in thirty third place. Apex Hunters United also started strongly climbing up to third by the end of the first lap and then into second next time around. But Titan Motorsport were coming on rapidly. After starting from grid sixteen they made short work of climbing the order and with four laps run they were up to second. Hendy though were in a league of their own at this stage, lapping quickly and edging clear of Titan who were themselves edging clear of third placed DRS Racing. Down the order KyritsHicks, Team Applewood and Ministry of Speed were all beginning to pick their way through the midfield and into the top ten.

With fifteen minutes run Hendy were almost five seconds clear of Titan in second place who were now coming under pressure from DRS who had upped the pace and cut the gap. Rich Energy Firing Squad had moved up to fourth after a brilliant run from grid twenty five but were some four seconds adrift of DRS. KyritsHicks were up to fifth from Team Applewood with Ministry next a second or so back and heading a line of Karts separated by a few tenths from one another all the way down to seventeenth placed Warwick. Over the next few laps Hendy continued to edge clear aided by Titan and DRS squabbling over second place with DRS finally getting the job done over the start finish line at the start of lap seventeen. Rich Energy were getting closer to this fight pulling KyritsHicks along with them and dropping Team Applewood who were now over three seconds back. Ministry too had fallen away from the fight and were now coming under pressure from Briars Racing who had taken their time working their way up from mid grid. Hendy continued to run clear at the front whilst the battle for second was really beginning to heat up. DRS were still holding the spot but not getting away with Titan third and coming under pressure from now from Rich Energy whilst KyritsHicks remained just a few Kart lengths back. Team Applewood were four seconds adrift but six seconds clear of Briars racing who had taken some time to dispense with Ballinger Law. Team FROT and Ministry completed the top ten. Coming up to the half hour mark and Hendy had the lead out to nearly seven seconds over second place, now occupied by Rich Energy with Titan back up to third ahead of DRS and KyritsHicks and Applewood a lonely sixth.

Who would make the first stop? Hendy was followed by KyritsHicks. But it was a poor stop and they lost a lot of time emerging just over a second clear in fifth from KyritsHicks in and seventh placed Briars Racing. Rich Energy were next to pit coming back out in third. Titan took over at the front but were still to stop whilst Applewood were up to second but also yet to stop. Rich Energy remained third some three seconds back from second but clearly in the pound seats with KyritsHicks fourth just a second adrift having quickly dispensed with Hendy. Next to stop among the front runners were Applewood. A good stop too and they came back out sixth whilst Titan continued at the front. They left it late to make their stop but it too was a good one, the fastest of the front runners.

With all the stops done Rich Energy were at the front still with KyritsHicks shadowing their every move. Hendy were third and still in with a shout just half a second back with Titan fourth a further few tenths back but almost five seconds clear of Applewood who now had DRS for company. Over the next few laps KyritsHicks began to turn up the pressure on Rich Energy. Several times a move was made but rebuffed until they slipped by as they crossed the bridge. And that settled the race. KyritsHicks took the win just half a second clear of Rich Energy and setting the fastest lap on the penultimate tour. Great drives from both these teams. Hendy took third and the Prem honours. A good, solid performance with Titan next. Applewood came home fifth defending stoutly over the final laps to hold off DRS racing who took fastest lap in the Prem class. Briars Racing came home a lonely eighth, over eight seconds adrift of sixth but four seconds up on Ministry of Speed. Team FROT were next over the line but penalised four places after an unfair pass on Team Young Guns who finished eleventh. G3 Pro and Troopz is my Hero completed the top ten with Ant Hill Mob taking the Clubman’s class in eighteenth.


Team Young Guns on pole from Apteryx Racing (P) with Warwick (P) and JMKA Racing (C) on row two. Row three saw Old Men Racing (P) alongside Titan Motorsport with The 4 Masketeers (P) alongside 2SM (P) on row four. Team FROT (P) and Hendy Performance(P) completed the first five rows et al.

As the field formed up the storm clouds were building ominously out to the west of the circuit. Rain was clearly on its way but it was a slow building front. Would we be lucky?

Young Guns led the pack away but it was Titan from row three who were quickest into the groove moving up to second by the end of the lap ahead of Apteryx and Warwick whilst Old Men Racing saw their chances evaporate with an early spin, a fate which also befell Ballinger Law. Down the order G3 Pro were on the move climbing up to twelfth on the first lap after starting from grid twenty two. Titan wasted no time in getting by Young Guns for the lead and immediately began to run clear whilst Young Guns had a useful gap back to Apteryx who had Warwick almost alongside as they crossed the start and finish line third time around. Sure enough Warwick were up to third as they went under the bridge. Seven minutes in and Titan were almost two seconds to the good with Young Guns in second and stretching the gap back to third placed Warwick. Apteryx were falling back and coming under pressure from the following pack led by JMKA Racing, 2SM and Team FROT whilst Ministry of Speed were coming into the picture just a second back in eighth after starting from grid twenty five. DRS were next with the top ten completed by G3 Pro whose early race charge had stalled. Whilst the front three continued to pull clear a proper fight was building over fourth.

Within the space of a couple of laps JMKA and Ministry both made up places and homed in on Apteryx who were powerless to resist dropping from fourth to eight in the space of a lap. JMKA managed just a lap before Ministry slipped by into fourth and quickly homed in on third placed Warwick. A lap later and Ministry were third but five seconds behind Young Guns who had themselves fallen back from the leaders Titan. Fifteen minutes in and Titan were over six seconds clear at the front with Young Guns second from Ministry who were taking chunks out of the gap to second. Warwick were fourth and still just in touch a little over a second back. JMKA ran fifth but had G3 Pro closing in chased by Team FROT, 2SM, DRS and Jaguar Skills. And the rain was holding off but moving slowly towards the circuit. For several laps the order stabilised save for G3 Pro getting by JMKA for fifth and a few laps later taking Warwick for fourth. Titan were now almost eleven seconds clear at the front whilst Young Guns were now having to defend hard from Ministry the latter having worked seriously hard to cut the four second gap. It took just a lap before third became second.

Titan were first to stop around the half hour mark but still emerged in the lead with a three second advantage over Ministry who immediately made their stop and dropped to fourth behind Young Guns and G3 Pro. They were quickly back up to speed setting the fastest lap of the race on lap twenty eight and pulling alongside G3 Pro on the straight. But the move didn’t come off. A couple of laps later though and they were through and reeling in Young Guns. G3 Pro made their stop but still remained fourth. Titan were by now over twelve seconds clear whilst Young Guns, who had looked under serious threat from Ministry, pulled clear only to be reeled back in. Thirty fifth time around and Titan set the fastest lap of the race establishing a new lap record. And then it rained. Lap times went up by over twenty seconds apart from the leader who was in the right place at the right time avoiding the heaviest of the rain as it swept in from the south west soaking the bridge area and infield hairpins first. In one lap the lead went up by almost ten seconds. And then the rain increased to monsoon like proportions. Lap times shot up as the field tip toed round over forty seconds off the dry pace. Ministry had a half spin and dropped to third. Titan were now almost thirty seconds clear from Young Guns with Ministry third but being steadily reeled in by G3 Pro. The rain began to ease and lap times came down. Last lap and G3 slithered by Ministry for third.

Titan took the win by over twenty eight seconds with Young Guns next. G3 Pro crossed the line next only to be penalised a couple of places for multiple contacts thus promoting Ministry of Speed back into third whilst Jaguar Skills were next over twenty seconds adrift but promoted to fourth and taking the class win in the Prems. KyritsHicks took sixth ahead of Rich Energy Firing Squad with Warwick, Team FROT and DRS Racing completing the top ten. Apex Hunters United took the class honours in Clubman’s and set the fastest lap in the class whilst Jaguar Skills were the quickest of the Prems.


Pole for Team Applewood with Jaguar Skills (P) alongside. Row two, Monster Hornets (C) and Troopz is my Hero (P). Top Cats (C) and Lufbra Allstars (P) shared row three with Algorithmic Ascendancy (P) and G-Force Racing (C) on row four and Ministry of Speed alongside Apex Hunters United (C) on row five et al.

The rain was moving away as the field came up to the line but the track was still very wet with one or two areas of standing water. Applewood led away but it was Jaguar Skills who made the better start to lead. Monster Hornets spun away their chances as did Lufbra Allstars. Two laps in and Jaguar skills were opening up a gap to second place now held by Troopz is my Hero whilst Ministry of Speed had leapt up the leader board to fourth chased by Briars Racing who had climbed up from grid seventeen. Despite the rain easing the pace was still some twenty five seconds off the dry pace. Jaguar Skills were revelling in the conditions though and moving rapidly clear increasing the gap by a second a lap from Troopz is my Hero. Briars Racing moved up to third but were some five seconds behind second with Ministry a few Kart lengths back and defending from Applewood. Fifteen minutes in and Jaguar Skills were still well clear at the front with Troopz is my Hero still second. Ministry had fought back to third and were closing the gap to second with Briars Racing fourth from Young Guns. Applewood were next but six seconds back and coming under pressure from KyritsHicks and G-Force Racing.

Half way point and Jaguar Skills had the lead out to over ten seconds from Ministry. A dry line was beginning to appear, although the hairpin sections remained very slippery, and the lap times were beginning to come down. Young Guns were still third but coming under pressure from Troopz is my Hero who almost got by on the start and finish straight. But Young Guns stayed ahead and Troopz was passed by Briars for fourth. KyritsHicks remained sixth ahead of Applewood but they were a long way back from the front runners. With all the stops completed and the track continuing to dry the lap times continued to fall. Jaguar Skills mammoth lead was being eroded but was still a useful five seconds with Young Guns second from Ministry. Troopz is my Hero had fallen back and were now eight seconds adrift of third but ahead of Briars whilst Applewood had got a wiggle on and moved back up to sixth. G3 Pro were up to seventh after working their way up from grid thirty four. Rich Energy Firing Squad were up to eighth whilst KyritsHicks had fallen to ninth. With six minutes to go Jaguar Skills still led but the gap to Young Guns was down to under four seconds. Ministry trailed by a couple of seconds but six seconds clear of Troopz who had G3 Pro homing in. Three laps to go and Jaguars lead was down to just over a second. Start of the penultimate lap and Young Guns were just half a second back and really piling on the pressure on the race long leaders. Into the second hairpin and the two leaders were almost side by side. But as they came off the corner there was a back marker on the racing line. Jaguar moved left and Young Guns also moved to the left and after getting better drive off the corner were almost alongside the leader. Jaguar went by the back marker and back onto the dry line leaving Young Guns on the wet. As they turned into the left hander Young Guns didn’t have sufficient grip and understeered into the unfortunate Jaguar pilot spinning him to a halt. Cruel luck for the team after leading almost for the full hour.

Young Guns crossed the line first but the inevitable penalty dropped them to seventh and handed a fortuitous win to Ministry of Speed. G3 Pro crossed the line next but they too took a six place hit after an incident with DRS Racing resulted in the latter spinning to a halt after contact. All of which promoted Troopz is my Hero up to second, setting fastest lap in the Prem class and winning the Prems, in the process, and Rich Energy Firing Squad up to third. They also set the fastest lap of the race on the penultimate lap. Team Applewood crossed the line sixth but were demoted four places after an incident with G3 Pro where Applewood looked more sinned against than sinner. Briars Racing were promoted to fourth with Titan a very valuable fifth. G-Force were classified fifth and took the Clubman’s honours with Young Guns next from KyritsHicks, G3 Pro and Team Applewood.


Briars Racing on pole for the final race of the day with Joy Drama (C) alongside. Race Spec Cages (P) shared row two with Rich Energy Firing Squad. Row three was occupied by Slickspeed (P) and SMIDSY (P). Row four had KyritsHicks alongside No Hope (C) followed by G3 Pro and Refine Metals Racing et al.

The track by this time was drying rapidly but there was still some slippery patches around to catch out the unwary. Briars led the pack away with Joy Drama tucking into second ahead of Rich Energy, Race Spec Cages and KyritsHicks. Briars immediately began to stretch the advantage at the front as Joy Drama held off the challenge from Rich Energy and KyritsHicks. Race Spec Cages were falling back but running clear of SMIDSY in sixth. Ten minutes in and Briars were almost two seconds clear of Rich Energy in second with KyritsHicks third, taking the spot from Joy Drama across the start and finish line. Over the course of the next few laps Rich Energy began to edge closer to the leader whilst Joy Drama fought back and regained third from KyritsHicks. Team Applewood had battled their way up the order from grid seventeen to fifth but were some five seconds behind the top four. Race Spec Cages remained sixth ahead of SMIDSY. Lap by lap Rich Energy were cutting the gap to the leader whilst Joy Drama were being dropped but still doing enough to keep clear of KyritsHicks. Applewood were still sixth but falling back. Half an hour in and the top four remained unchanged and well clear of the chasing pack who had lost time fighting over fifth. Applewood were back in the spot having slipped back to eighth at one point. Team FROT held sixth ahead of SMIDSY with Race Spec Cages next ahead of Apex Hunters United, going nicely and looking like favourites to take the Clubman’s class overall. Ministry of Speed were next, a tenth up on Titan in the race to decide who won the Elites.

Ministry stopped first and it was poor stop dropping them down to sixteenth. Titan waited another seven laps by which time they were up to sixth and a much quicker stop saw them put one hand on the trophy. Barring incidents. Briars blinked first in the battle for the lead whilst Rich Energy waited for further three laps. Their stop was quicker and they came out with a three second lead. With all the stops done it was straight race to the flag. Rich Energy remained three seconds clear of Briars with Joy Drama some eight seconds back in third with KyritsHicks right on their bumper as they fought for the position. Team Applewood remained fifth but a long way back with Titan next well clear of Apex Hunters, Team FROT and Race Spec Cages. Ministry were back into the top ten but only a problem for Titan would see them take the Elite honours. Rich Energy gradually began to ease clear of Briars whilst KyritsHicks found a way by Joy Drama for third. But Joy Drama were not giving in a couple of laps later were back up to third. And there they stayed.

Rich Energy Firing Squad took the win just over three seconds clear of Briars Racing with Joy Drama fifteen seconds back but an excellent third and fifth in the Clubman’s class. KyritsHicks were just a tenth back in fourth. A good hard, fair race between these two teams. Team Applewood were next, over eleven seconds back. They then dropped a place for a cone penalty handing Titan Motorsport fifth. Apex Hunters United were next over the line but they too had been handed a cone penalty dropping them to eighth. Team FROT and Ministry of Speed were next across the line but both had penalties. Team FROT lost two places whilst Ministry lost four which saw Race Spec Cages promoted from tenth to seventh and take the Clubman’s honours. Slickspeed moved from eleventh to ninth with Team FROT tenth.

But who took home the silverware?


Titan Motorsport were comfortable winners in the end after a day long battle with Ministry of Speed and Rich Energy Firing Squad. Congratulations then to Jack O’Neil, Owen Jenman and Mike Philippou, the titans of Titan, and commiserations to Ministry of Speed drivers, Jordan Hill, Daz Teal, Jack Harding and Steve Brown and also to Rich Energy Firing Squads’ Pete O’Connor, Jay Elliott, Tim Clark and Rob Newman.

Hendy Performance, much to their surprise and delight, took the Premiers prize. Congratulations to Craig Brown, Josh Adams, Miguel Hall and Steve Downes, thankfully recovering well from his Buckmore accident. Second place went to DRS Racing. Good, solid drives from Rhianna Purcocks, Stef Lutteridge and Daryl Lowe all day reaped rewards. Particularly so for Stef and Daryl who have been absent from CLUB100 for awhile. Enjoyed a walk round the track with Stef and two of the Hendy boys, Craig and Josh in the morning. Clearly they listened to her advice! Troopz is my Hero took third. Congratulations to Dan Brewer, Brook Harris, Callum McKechnie and Tom Brookes.

Apex Hunters United took the Clubman’s honours. They raced hard all day so congratulations to Nick Foster, David Perel and Jimmy Broadbent with. Second place went to Bailey Morgan, Reece Pope and Adam Sheppard who made up No Hope. Misnamed I think, a very talented trio. And finally third place. Some experience here with Martin Joyce, Garrett O’Connor, Dan Cohen and Jonathan Wort forming Top Cats. A top bunch of blokes.

I think everyone was a winner after six hours of intense competition. I confess I’m not a great lover of watching endurance racing but this was a great format which everyone appeared to enjoy. A big shout out to JV and all the team for all their hard work and to the marshals for their excellent work. And to all at PFI for a fabulous venue.

Here’s to the next one!!

WORDS: Steve Gray

PHOTOGRAPHY: John Patterson

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