NEWS!!! The ROTAX Association for Club100 Racing in 2020

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NEWS!!! The ROTAX Association for Club100 Racing in 2020

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“We are honoured that Rotax wanted to race in association with us in 2020. Everyone seems to know that we are, although I don’t think we’ve said enough about it and I really think we should!” exclaimed John Vigor, Club100 Managing Director. “We had a fantastic first year with the Rotax Evo engine, and our relationship with the company through Stefan Grüber (Manager of Rotax Karting) has been brilliant, his support and that of JAG Rotax (the official UK distributor for Rotax Engines) and with George Robinson (of Robinson Sport) maintaining our engines made 2019 a great success.”   

John Vigor reflected on the change to Rotax power in 2019, “It was a big step to move away from clutchless direct drive which had served us well for 25years and was thought to be very much part of our DNA, however in hindsight the exceptional reliability and performance of the engine, and the service we have received from Rotax has made the transition easy. I realise now that it is the way we go racing, and go about our business, that is fundamental to Club100’s DNA and that we have found a partner in Rotax who goes about racing in the same way. Will Tew and I were honoured to be guests of Rotax at their World Finals in Sarno, Italy, at the end of the year as we discussed further developing our relationship after I visited the factory during the summer.”

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Henceforth to known as ‘Club100 in association with Rotax’ for 2020, the championship will see more visible Rotax branding in Club100’s promotional materials, flags, podium banner, as well as branding in Club100’s Live Streaming and on social media, and of course on the Club100 karts. Sprint podium winners can look forward to being presented with Rotax caps. Behind the scenes Rotax will continue to increase their technical support to Club100. And there is more to come. 

“What is clear from our customer’s perspective is that with TaG (touch and go) we are able to open up Club100 to a broader audience, it means physical strength is not nearly the necessity for drivers, making us more attractive to the younger and lighter driver, and the days pushing karts out to start them, or pick them up and retrieve them from off track are over. And it’s so much safer as well. From an operator’s point of view the Rotax package is very user friendly.”

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And what of the future? “Our association with Rotax has shone a light on Club100, our social media following is growing because of it, and I’m seeing new followers of our Facebook and Instagram from as far afield as the USA, South America, Africa, the Middle and Far East. ‘Arrive and Drive’ karting is also enjoying a surge in popularity in central and northern Europe. Comments on YouTube videos in which we feature will regularly say things like, ‘I wish we had something like Club100 where we are’ or ‘when are you coming back to Spa?’, that’s flattering and it sets my mind thinking on ideas. We had not planned on racing in Belgium this year, but it’s not for a good reason that we claim to be ‘the highest level of arrive and drive karting in the UK and Europe’. We will be back in Europe, and I see in Rotax a brand that shares our ambition and passion for karting. I’d like to congratulate Rotax on their 100th year” 

About Rotax

Rotax have over 90 years experience in the powertrain industry. Rotax® engines are at the heart and soul of countless products. BRP’s Austrian facility oversees the worldwide development and production of Rotax engines. 

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In fact, BRP has developed more than 350 engine models for recreational products and produced more than 7 million engines.

You will find Rotax engines in Ski-Doo® and Lynx® snowmobiles, Sea-Doo® watercraft, Can-Am® all-terrain and side-by-side vehicles and roadsters, as well as motorcycles and karts, even in light and ultra light aircraft.

BRP Rotax’s global workforce consists of more than 7,100 employees: More than 1,100 of them are employed at the Gunskirchen site alone. And over 200 of these employees are dedicated to research & development. For Rotax it’s all about passion and innovation – from the shop floor right up to the head office. 

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2020 also sees a celebration of 100 years of Rotax, beginning with it’s founder Friedrich Gottschalk, the owner of a successful bicycle components factory in Dresden, and his innovation of the “Rotax” freewheel bicycle hub, read all about the fascinating history, which is long and storied, and the century of Rotax technology that sits in your kart engine at or perhaps Rotax’s sporting history is more appropriate here

Rotax Photography: Rotax Karting & BRP-Rotax website

BUKC Photography: Stu Stretton Media