NEWS! November Cancelled. But 2020 is Not Finished Yet!

NEWS! November Cancelled. But 2020 is Not Finished Yet!

I thought I would give you all a quick heads up tonight that I will be emailing competing members about their entries and deposits for the last 2 rounds of the main championships, test days and the last Young Drivers Championship event, and your options.

So here we are once again, the UK is back into a national lockdown not unexpectedly. At the moment it is scheduled to run from 5 November to 2 December, the accompanying restrictions have effected motorsport greatly, with both clubs and circuits stopping competition and closing for business for the duration. Many of you will have read statements on social media and this is ours. I’m sorry. We’ve lost November. Please read to the end though.

The Bad News:

Our November programme, which includes our main championships weekend at Buckmore Park, 21-22 November is cancelled. This includes Testing on both of those dates.

The Young Drivers Championship, which was hardest hit with the first lockdown, seems to be struck hardest again, YDC Event 3, Sunday 29 November, at Buckmore Park, and the associated Test session, is also cancelled. This brings the 2020 YDC series to a premature end. This is particularly galling, we came into this season optimistic about our new 7 round championship, hoping we had identified a gap in the karting market, underserved which we could bring something to. You’ve taken the brunt of the disruption.

I regard the two events we have managed to get in as two of the best weekends of our season, both the racing, the drivers, the families and the atmosphere of the events have been a breath of fresh air. I’ve included a picture from Sunday, to show the success our young drivers had in the main championship at Rye House. It’s fantastic. I can see the potential for a new generation to come through the 2021 Young Drivers Championship, and we will have a great Young Drivers Championship, all 7 rounds, in 2021.

DSC 2627

There was a lot of speculation over the weekend at Rye House, as to whether that would prove to be the last round of the season and that I would call it – Season Over?

Rye House will not be the end of season, if we can help it.

I know some have wondered about postponing the November events to run them in addition in December, or even in January, but with a new fleet to build up, and the extra expense so close to Xmas, in a difficult economic environment, for our customers, and 2021 registrations to open and process, I just do not think that is realistic.

The Good News:

We have one weekend already booked outside of this latest lockdown period, with drivers entered in strong numbers and my staff ready for Whilton Mill on 5-6 December 2020. To end the season without a finale where people can arrive on the day with championship positions on the line, compete and know you’ve given it your best shot… Well it wouldn’t be a Club100 season without a proper and fair conclusion.

So right now if the government bring us out of lockdown and the tiering system is not too onerous, we will, if we can, run the last rounds of 2020 at Whilton Mill 5-6 December 2020 subject to circumstances. And I hope you will want to join us, I think 2020 wants to finish in style.

I will outline in more detail by email very shortly.

Best Regards
John Vigor
CEO Club100 Racing Ltd.