NEWS!!! More Friday Testing Dates… Kartmania’18 Round Up

Article Photo Kartmania 1

NEWS!!! More Friday Testing Dates… Kartmania’18 Round Up

Article Photo Kartmania 1


We’ve now added additional Friday Testing Dates to the 2019 calendar to meet expected demand and the full list is HERE.

These will be 1 hour test sessions from 4pm – 5pm on the following dates:

Friday 12 April – Whilton Mill, Northants.

Friday 14 June – Buckmore Park, Kent

Friday 26 July – Rye House Raceway, Herts.

Friday 16 August – Lydd Raceway, Kent.

As usual sessions are bookable through the office on 01795 883592


As you will have seen on our Facebook we have had a very positive reaction to the public launch of the Rotax Max Evo engined CLUB100 EVO. From our point of view, and the goals we set for the show, it has been a great success. The announcement of new testing days is a coincidence but a timely one as we will see a lot of new faces in 2019. In addition we’d like to thank everyone who has already registered for the 2019 season as Kartmania coincided with a very strong start to registration. The grids for round 1 are filling up nicely and we are well ahead of where we would normally be after registration launch.

46487981 2110576235666940 8863510917694881792 nRECOGNISED CLUB STATUS

We went public with our Recognised Club status at Kartmania this brings us recognition of the professional way we have gone about our business for so long, the strength of our membership and our competitions. Perhaps, in the past, we may have been viewed as not ‘proper karting’ but this new status brings us firmly into the karting family fold, as a valued part of the sport, and we bring our own unique experience and perspective to the future of the karting.

This should be seen in the context of the massive changes to the UK karting scene happening this winter. Changes introduced to revitalise the sport and increase participation in karting, at all levels and create new pathways through karting into the wider motorsport arena. Those changes only began with the launch of Motorsport UK, and the Our Motorsport intiative by the UK governing body (formerly known as the MSA) and we will be a part, one part of many parts, of the changes to come.

We were pleased to welcome one of our own, circa 1996-2003-ish, Mr. Hugh Chambers, in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer, Motorsport UK to our show stand to mark the occasion. Again we will have more to say specifically about Club100 being recognised by Motorsport UK in the future, when the time is right, suffice to say it is an exciting time.

In the meantime we would strongly encourage you if you have an interest in grassroots and national motorsport, either as a fan, competitor or as a potential volunteer, to follow Motorsport UK on social media, and their magazine so you can be across the changes, news and potential opportunities.


We were pleased to confirm and tidy up our live stream dates for 2019, and we’re not really sure now why the Lydd round was an option, in retrospect, however our live streaming partner Alpha Live, joined by Double Dash Motorsport Media on commentary, and our own Chris Simpson, who are all in demand in 2019 looking at the amount of AlphaLive video being played on the show stands, will now produce all 6 Super Final Sprint rounds in 2019, after developing in 2018, with Club100 providing their muse, into the best live karting coverage in the UK, in our humble opinion.

We are confirming all LIVE dates:

Sunday 14 April – Whilton Mill

Sunday 16 June – Buckmore Park

Sunday 28 July – Rye House

Sunday 18 August – Lydd

Sunday  7 September – Whilton Mill

Sunday 29 September – Clay Pigeon


We are working on the decal kit specifically to put colour on the karts. This is a challenge to keep it looking clean, neat and tidy when our kart fleet is run so often across the season, and things have to look right (boss’s orders). We have learnt that it is too much to ask you to not rub bodywork pod to pod, ‘rubbin’ is racing’, or get our karts dirty, as much as we try to impress upon you that you shouldn’t, necessitating powerful jet (decal striping) washing to keep them clean. But we are optimistic we can succeed with it as even without the front bumper decals at the show the colour transforms the look of the EVO, lifting the presentation of the product above ‘just arrive and drive’ and emphasises we are moving on and forward with the EVO. This winter is proving busy, in a good way, and there will be more news when we can share it.

For now we here at Club100 Racing Ltd would like to wish all our members, staff, our partners and your families a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, followed by a very rapid 2019 with the Club100 EVO.