NEWS! iZonePerformance Heavyweight/SuperHW Sprint Prize 2017

Screen Shot 2017 02 24 at 20.06.06 at Silverstone will be sponsoring a special 2017 SuperHeavyweight/Heavyweight Sprint Class prize – 1 Hour of simulator coaching on their karting or car simulators (from saloons and GT’s, through to Formula 4, F3, F1 and even Formula E) for 1 driver per round chosen by Club100 (and it will not necessarily be the winner!)

Screen Shot 2017 02 24 at 20.06.51

This prize is worth £160 per session and we have 1 session to offer for each round of the SHW/Heavyweight Sprint Championship.

iZone is Europe’s leading driver training facility, developed by triple World Touring Car Champion Andy Priaulx. It is a genuine ‘elite performance centre’, focused on the development of world class drivers (both amateur and professional), motorsport athletes and mentally resilient competitors.

The facilities include five high tech simulators (including the Karting simulator), a motorsport gym and mental training equipment.

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