by John Vigor | September 3, 2021 | 

It gives me great pleasure to make good on our promise to the Young Drivers Championship competitors and provide you with fantastic prizes for the 2021 season’s successful drivers, courtesy of the Daniel Ricciardo Series. We are having a great season in both classes of YDC, and after all the difficulties of the last 18 months this is a very positive development which we hope to build on for next year’s championships as the championship becomes bigger and stronger.

Not only does Club100 have a long and successful relationship with DRS’s Andy Cox, who as Andy Cox Racing Ltd is Birel ART Rental Karts’ UK agent, provides us with our fleet’s chassis, but Club100 promoted Easykart UK for 10years before it later became the Daniel Ricciardo Series. The Daniel Ricciardo Series and Club100 are, in our different ways, both part of the extended Birel ART family, constructors of the finest Italian karts, and if that wasn’t enough we are also both integral parts of Motorsport UK’s Karting Pathway Initiative as Recognised Clubs. We are very good fit. You will be in safe and knowledgeable hands and these prizes are an excellent next step in your karting career.

More information about the Daniel Ricciardo Series can be found here https://danielricciardoseries.com/

Here are the prize details:

x2 First Prizes – A full Daniel Ricciardo Series race weekend to include – the Saturday morning DRS Young Driver Academy, Saturday Free Practice & Sunday Race Day.

x2 Second Prizes – To include – DRS Young Driver Academy + Saturday Free Practice.

x2 Third Prizes – DRS Young Driver Academy.

A full explanation of the Daniel Ricciardo Series Young Driver Academy is here – https://danielricciardoseries.com/drs-young-driver-academy/ it offers a great experience for the aspiring young driver looking towards an owner driver future.

The Second Prize will see the winning driver participate in a normal Saturday practice with multiple sessions, in addition to the morning with the DRS Young Driver Academy.

And for the First Prizes? A fantastic full race weekend with the Daniel Ricciardo Series, including the DRS Young Driver Academy.

Both the DRS100 and DRS125s are properly quick racing karts. They will not disappoint.

Club100 Racing Ltd – Terms. We have agreed to ensure the recipients of the prizes meet the following criteria

One set of prizes are for participation in the Daniel Ricciardo Series as Juniors, or DRS100 –https://danielricciardoseries.com/drs100/

And the other set of prizes in the Daniel Ricciardo Series as Seniors, or DRS125 – https://danielricciardoseries.com/drs125/.

Participation in DRS100 and DRS125 is governed by a driver’s age, and the prizes are for participation in the 2022 season. It will be unlikely that one set of prizes will be for Club100 YDC Lights Class and one set for YDC SuperLights due to drivers’ ages in 2022, and for this reason Club100 Racing Ltd must reserve the right to select, at Club100’s sole discretion, all of the prize winners. We will endeavour to select the prize winners with a view to the most successful drivers in each class winning the prizes. However Club100 Racing Ltd reserves the right to choose the prize winners and Club100’s decision will be final.

Daniel Ricciardo Series – Terms. Prize winners must not have competed in a Daniel Ricciardo Series/BirelART competition race or previously owned a Daniel Ricciardo Series/BirelART kart.

The First Prize winners will require a Motorsport UK Interclub licence.

John Vigor

CEO, Club100 Racing Ltd

Photography: Thomas Fox, for Foxy Red Photography and Stu Stretton Photography

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