We are proud to announce that Club100 Racing will begin racing in 2021 as an Association of British Kart Clubs Member Club.

Perhaps not coming as too much of a surprise, as we are are already an Affiliated Club to Motorsport UK and given how closely the ABkC works with the sport’s UK governing body. The ABkC in many ways and for many years have been custodians of karting in this country and have been an important association. With Motorsport UK taking a more active role in promotion and running of all the British Kart Championships, the ABkC has been relaunched to concentrate their efforts on looking after the interests of kart racers and their kart clubs, promoting and enabling licensed racing under the control of the governing body, and acting as a strong sounding board for member clubs within Motorsport UK. And Club100 is part of that as a Member Club.

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For Club100 Racing this new association is very much in line with our long term goals, securing our future as part of the karting industry in the UK, promoting Club100 and kart racing generally, and being part of a vibrant, wider motorsport family.

About The Association of British Kart Clubs

The Association of British Kart Clubs (ABkC) was formed in 1990 to act as an interface between kart clubs and the sports governing body, Motorsport UK, with whom there is a high degree of discussion and co-operation. The clubs are represented by the ABKC Steering Group which is elected each year during the A.G.M. About twenty-five of the kart clubs in the United Kingdom are members. The Steering Group also has representatives from Motorsport UK and may include various  other stakeholders when needed. The Steering Group doubles up as the Regional Association for karting so new clubs can join the ABkC instead of a local Regional Association. Decisions taken by that group will have a direct influence on all existing and proposed kart class regulations.

You can read more about the Association of British Kart Clubs (ABkC), and the important work they do, at their website and you can also follow them on Twitter and join the public group on Facebook which, like the website, is a useful resource for the aspiring kart racer in the UK.

John Vigor

CEO Club100 Racing Ltd.