NEWS!!! Club100 Forum is Closing, Long Live the Club100 Facebook Group

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Times change. No, they really do. And we do do change here at Club100.

The Club100 website forum has been an institution in Club100 for 20 years, and it once occupied a lot of our (collective) time, it used to hum with good natured banter, some famous arguments, and congratulations from the Saturday or Sunday evening right after an event until the next round. However over the last 5 years it has slowed down considerably, and we feel like it’s time to embrace change, and move on. The forum was very much of it’s time, it predated the Facebook (2004), Twitter (2006), Instagram (2010), I could go on…

So while we are still on our enforced break for a little longer we felt it was time for a shiny, new Club100 Facebook Group –>> here <<– to take it’s place. We hope we can foster a convenient and more accessible place (for the majority) for Club100 chat, perhaps motorsport more generally, and hook up with new friends, with potential new team mates and perhaps reminisce with old friends.

We are not going to publish any rules for posting in the group. All we ask is you be respectful with each other, it will be a private group but open to all with a connection to Club100 past and present. It will have admins, we sincerely hope we do not have to delete any posts, or eject anyone, but we do reserve those rights. Our house, our rules. Please keep in mind we are a broad and diverse church, and karting first and foremost ought to be always be fun and friendly and welcoming to all, and that as Club100 are affiliated with Motorsport UK, the UK’s governing body we have a safeguarding responsibility towards all our competitors that we take seriously.

In case you missed it an admin will be along to approve member requests, and take your hat and coat to the cloakroom.


Club100 Racing.