NEWS – The 2018 Season STARTS TODAY!!!

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Like the leaves falling from the trees, the end of November in one season, heralds another (karting) season to come, and an updated Club100 website for 2018.

All of the important information for the coming 2018 season is here

Registration is OPEN

Format and Pricing information is outlined for each Championship, on the tabs on each page. The full rules and regs will be released in plenty of time for Round 1.




Of course we have extensive Testing opportunities

and to get you race ready for Round 1 there is preseason testing at the end of January

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The announced calendar for the 12 rounds of the major championships shows 8 circuits, including 7 different circuits in the first 8 rounds, Buckmore Park tops, tails and marks the halfway mark in the 2018 season. Whilton Mill and Rye House will be crucial to both the opening and close of the season, while the sunshine and the championship will be fought out over Shenington in May, visiting Wales at Glan-Y-Gors, out east to Ellough Park, the south coast Lydd and through to the south west at Clay Pigeon at the end of September where the championships will begin to take shape. The last 2 rounds will decide the championships and we expect at least some of them to go to the last round, just like every year.

All the variety of racing you could desire, on the best and most varied circuits that British karting can offer, there is something for everyone, who loves karting, whatever your ability in whatever discipline of racing you enjoy, in the 2018 Club100 Championship season.

And we will be tweaking the website as the season approaches, and time allows, but right now, we wanted to get registration up and open, so you can register!