MORE NEWS!! ENTRIES 2019. Don’t Be Disappointed. DON’T MISS OUT!!!

C100R7 1257 scaled

MORE NEWS!! ENTRIES 2019. Don’t Be Disappointed. DON’T MISS OUT!!!

C100R7 1257 scaled

As we were saying 2019, IT IS TIME TO GET YOUR REGISTRATIONS IN, via the website, perhaps selecting your rounds with the tick boxes.

We all have a growing sense of anticipation for the new season, this time of year, and I’m keen to encourage this as always! So here’s what I can tell you regards registrations and entries. I’d like to thank all of you for your enthusiasm and your committment which has been very reassuring given the investment as a company we have made in the last 6 months.

Looking at last year, and where we are now, we are definitely well ahead of the curve in terms of numbers of entries already in, and across all classes. Brilliant. If there is a worry at all it is for some of the regulars, and you’ll know who you are, who haven’t put your registrations in yet, and they may find some rounds fully subscribed if you don’t do that soon. This is not a clumsy sales device. I’m just saying, indeed read on.


Traditionally named ‘The Anniversary Race’, scheduled for Saturday 26th January at Buckmore Park. Designed for teams of 2, competing in two 1 hour endurance races. A very significant date in Club100 history, and it’s FULL. That’s great!


For Registration head to the website HERE

SPRINTS – We are limited to 72 entries each in the Lightweight and Heavyweight/Superheavyweight classes and with entries already received the Heavyweight Class is showing entries for most rounds ranging between 65 and 69, even Llandow (a long-ish way to travel, and a long way off in the calendar) is already in the mid-50s. Lightweights is showing a little less pressure with entries in the mid-50s, on all rounds, but I know there are regulars who risk being disappointed, and twiddling their thumbs, watching the Sunday streams. It’s still only the first week of January, but we are back in the office to process registrations and handle calls on Monday…

SPRINT60 – I’ve described this as “having gone mad” (in a nice way). The Heavyweight/SuperHW Class is full on 6 of the 11 rounds already. Thank you, and what a great start to this new Saturday afternoon championship.  Lightweights is also rudely healthy with a few spaces on all rounds, but I would not delay too long. Definitely an unexpected alignment of planets has created this to a degree, but there it is, we’d already pulled the trigger on the clutched Rotax Max Evo engine, and it’s clearly helped this entry.

ENDURANCE – We currently have 22 teams for the season, and the grid is capped at 30 max for our Saturday morning instituiton. It’s also a great gateway drug (‘just say no’ kids, karting is the only high you’ll need) to all Club100 racing.

Spa 1SPA FRANCORCHAMPS 10 HOUR 2019 – To update my email this Friday morning to members and interested parties, we have secured 32 teams (yes 2 more confirmed Friday afternoon) for our very special weekend at Spa-Francorchamps on the 25th/26th May. It was never in doubt but it’s worth saying thank you again for the early committment, which allowed me to relax after securing the circuit, late in the sumemr, and so far out from the event.

There will be no pushing uphill this year! Just imagine that!

Obviously a few who expressed an interest, have had circumstances change, some interests have been folded into another team, and we get that. So this leaves just 4 spaces remaining to fill the grid! Link to the details HERE. Please Like, Share, Tag, etc anyone who might want in on this one on the related social media posts. Spa has always put the ‘Special’ in special event.

THIS IS A TEAM EVENT. If you’ve never done Spa 10 Hour, this is the year, with our new drivetrain, we are all going to discover how the character of the event is going to change, and if you have done it before then it’s all the more reason to experience it reborn.

So there you are, you’re in ‘the know’, and up to date on your Club100. It’s only January 5th, and we’re having a great 2019, and we’re hoping you will too with Club100 Racing. Come join in.