A Message From JV About Easykart UK

a message from jv about easykart

Some of you maybe shocked to learn that I have retired… From Easykart (click on the video attached).

I’d like to stress that it is only from Easykart, and not Club100, and that I’ve only ended the relationship with Easykart UK, so that I can concentrate my energies on my business Club100 Racing Ltd and into spending a little more time with my lovely wife Taormina and the family. Thats 9 weekends at home for a start.

It is the 10th season of Easykart UK this year, the 10th year as it’s promoter, running the events, from it’s inception in a partnership with Andy Cox Racing Ltd. It has been satisfying to be in at the beginning of something a little bit special, and the experience has been invaluable. But as you’ll see from the interview, I don’t feel I can take it further, not when I have the family and Club100 in the back of my mind, and I have chosen now to step aside for someone new to take it on.

Maybe it’s round numbers, like 10years, maybe it’s just getting older, but I’m keen to focus on Club100 in 2017 and going forward. And there it is. It just feels like a good time for me and a good time for Club100.

I don’t normally like to mix talk of any other karting on the Club100 website, but I’ve made an exception.

So I’d like to thank everyone around the Easykart paddock, over the 10years, for the good times and good memories, and to all the drivers, and their families, and to the staff for your support, and last but by no means least, to Andy Cox, my very best wishes Andy for the future.