New Engines – It’s like Xmas Again.

IMG 0999 scaled

File 13-01-2016, 19 16 34trimWe’re pleased to report that it’s a bit like Xmas again here at Club100 HQ and today I’m proud to announce that Club100 Racing Ltd has taken delivery of our brand new engines for the 2016 season from our long standing engine supplier Alan Turney (pictured shaking hands) managing director of Tal-Ko Racing.

IMG_0994Our relationship with Tal-Ko has been a long and successful one. I’m always happy to come back to Alan’s company for Club100’s engines. Tal-Ko’s service has been first class and long may our relationship continue.

Now when I say new engines, I don’t mean rebuilt, bored out or overhauled, I mean brand spanking new, internally and externally – everything.

Additionally we have a brand exhaust system for 2016 (look at that lovely fabrication) and the eagle eyed amongst you might notice there is no exhaust flex between the exhaust outlet and the end can.

IMG_0998So the engines are brand new, but we benefit from our experience with the engine as it remains the reliable, powerful, proven TKM 115cc Extreme unit which of course we know back to front. Of course Club100 has to be 2 Stroke, it has to be direct drive, so it has to be the TKM. The TKM engine is synonymous with Club100, perhaps not it’s soul (thats you – the membership and the staff) but it is it’s beating heart. It sounds right, it goes right, it even smells right (like victory).

IMG_1001Engines represent to the company a substantial investment, and after our chassis, it’s our largest single investment, and while (going geek now) I am loathed to hand over these lovely metal sculptures to our testers to run in, or indeed to you (the members) when I’d rather  just line them up square on the mantle piece and stare at them, I know I must. Please treat them as if they were your own, indeed like your children, as they are mine.
This also follows on from our other delivery, from Milan, the first batch of Bridgestone YDS. I was very happy with Vega, both are excellent tyres and my decision to comeback to Bridgestone was based on economics. But I know some of you were keen to return to Bridgestones. So here you go.

IMG_0997I like to think you will reward my faith in you and this investment, with a happy, competitive and successful season of racing. And banged out grids would be appreciated!

You are welcome to start unwrapping your presents at the Pre-Season Test Day on Sunday 31st January – there’s a few spaces left in each hour (just saying – I got bills to pay).