IMPORTANT – A statement from Club100

  • March 16, 2020
  • Chris Simpson

Please take the time to read this important information which relates to not just this Sundays Sprint Rd 2 at Bayford Meadows, but also our upcoming events over the next couple of months.

It goes without saying that we are all very much aware of the current climate and the advise from our government, Public Health England, expert scientists and our own governing body Motorsport UK must be adhered to, with all necessary precautions put into action.

As it stands, this weekends event will be going ahead as scheduled. However, the following amendments and guidelines have and will be applied –

  1. If you currently have any symptoms of Covid-19, such as a cough, temperature, breathlessness or just generally feeling unwell, please DO NOT ATTEND. An option to transfer your entry fee onto your next booked event, or a full refund shall be honoured.
  2. If you are entered to compete this Sunday and are fit and well, but do not wish to attend, an option to to transfer your entry fee onto your next booked event, or a full refund shall be honoured.
  3. To minimise population at the venue, the day will be divided into a half day format for each weight category, as per Rd 1 at Buckmore. The Lightweights will race in the morning and the Heavyweights in the afternoon. Using this format will reduce the competitors at the venue to maximum 72 + staff, which falls well within current guidelines. A revised schedule will be forwarded to all entrants.
  4. We have decided to cancel the live stream for this round. This is part of our protocol to minimise staff and remove all non-essential activity.
  5. We STRONGLY recommend that you avoid inviting spectators (family and friends). The lower the population at the event means lower risk of cross contamination.
  6. Driver’s briefings and presentations will take place outside. We will be asking you to spread out, keeping at least 1 metre between each other. The public address system will be used for all briefings and presentations.
  7. Bayford Meadows have assured us that the facilities will be regularly cleaned, sanitised and re-stocked throughout the day. Please take advantage of this and wash your hands thoroughly each time you use the facilities.
  8. The Diner at Bayford will be open for food and beverage. Please be assured that the highest levels of hygiene will be followed. You are also welcome to bring your own food and beverage.
  9. Avoid social contact, such as shaking hands and hugging! On this note, please do not be offended if our team refuse to shake hands or hug!! It’s all about minimising the risk.
  10. For the very few that nee d to borrow race wear, be assured that our crash helmets have been sprayed with disinfectant and suits and gloves laundered. New balaclavas will be available. If there was a time to purchase your own, perhaps it is now. Our partners at Dartford Karting are offering all Club100 members discount on their range of race wear products.
  11. We are in consultation with Motorsport UK and our own insurers to suspend the normal registration (sign on) process. Instead, to present a list of entrants prior to the event and ask for a confirmation email from each entrant confirming they agree to the terms laid out on the disclaimer. Our competition secretary will then mark each competitors attendance on the day. This process again will reduce the risk of cross contamination and enhance best practice. We shall keep you informed on our progress.
  12. Transponders: Please be assured that your transponder will be sanitised prior to distribution.

Our intention and wishes going forward are to continue racing. However, with the guidance from the authorities being reviewed on a daily basis, we are in a situation where we have to take each event as it comes. We shall keep you informed on a regular basis.

John Vigor, Club100 Racing Ltd.

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