May I first of all thank you for your support this year and trust you have enjoyed your season with us.

Here are our plans for next year.

The Rotax Engines will be re-built with new pistons, bearings, starter Bendix, etc fitted. We will also be replacing our 90 batteries and clutches.
In total, a reinvestment of £35K on engines alone!

I’m sure you’ll agree the new brakes this year have been amazing, giving us 100% reliability. They will be fully serviced over the winter, ensuring the same performance as this year.

The fleet will be fully serviced, to include new frames where required, all bearings (including axle) replaced, axles where required, stub axle stems, throttle and brake cables and more!!

Have a great Christmas and see you for the season opener & Round 1

John Vigor

Managing Director, Club100 Racing Ltd.