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Happy new year to you all. In light of a very hectic end to the year at Club100 HQ with all the announcements we made, I would like to address where we are in our preparations for the 2020 season which has had some very positive aspects. This is the busiest I can remember registrations for a very long time, from the moment registrations opened but it has also thrown up one or two unexpected challenges that we are addressing as works in progress/teething problems.

First off, apologies for the extended office closure over the holidays, I was supposed to be in until Christmas Eve, however something a lot worse than ‘Man Flu’, that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, overtook me but the break has put me back on my feet and raring to go for 2020.

I mention it as it meant we were unable to get all of the registrations processed and licence applications posted before Xmas, as I had planned. As of 3/1/20, we believe all registrations up to 17/12/19 have been processed, with the last 21 outstanding licence applications being posted out last night by me. Any registrations received after the 17th, which includes the 55 new registrations that were received over the 10days we were closed will be processed by Penny on Monday, and you should expect to see those envelopes dropping through your letterbox towards the end of next week.

Your response to our plans for 2020 has been amazing, thank you, and and thank you for your patience, and thats all good news. However there are one or two issues as a consequence.

Sprint 60 Heavy/SuperHeavy – is massively oversubscribed, and that took us by surprise, any registrations received from mid December onwards will be on the reserve list. We currently have 14 reserves for round 1, and the grid is pretty much full, with many rounds with reserves, for the entire season. It is clear that the majority of last season’s SuperHeavies have signed back on, and many registered as soon as registration opened, leaving not a lot of headroom for others trying to get into the championship as a heavy or superheavy. I am sorry to those drivers, your disappointment is clear from your emails and I have responded, and I would suggest that any disappointed drivers can call the office to discuss options with me. We could team some of you up to create endurance teams maybe, there maybe also be room in sprints.

I would like to emphasise that we are processing all registrations in the fairest way we can, which is in date and time order, i.e. first come, first served, as they come out of the registration system. And I’ve noticed a good number of regulars will be caught out this year due to not being quick enough off the mark.

As to all other championships.

Sprint Lights Rd.1 is full already. For Rd.2 onwards any light sprint drivers that have not registered yet need to get a shift on and register. All other sprint, sprint 60 and endurance classes are okay at the moment, but looking very busy and I am confident they will all fill, in light of the registrations that came in over Christmas, and further registrations this post will prompt, and although it will make things busy for us next week, I’d still suggest getting a shift on registering across the board.

“Foreign Driver” registrations, and I’m using quotes around that as we don’t think of nationalities when we go racing in Club100, in the same way we love everyone, and treat everyone, regardless of race, gender, politics, etc, etc, the same as ‘just drivers’ and that we are all just here for the racing. So for drivers based outside of the UK, and unable to provide a UK addressed utility bill or bank statement, that the K-X licence application requests, Motorsport UK have assured me there will be a solution, as it is not their intention to exclude or make life difficult for anyone either, even by accident. So anyone falling into this category, please register for your preferred championship now, and send me an email, racing@peters496.sg-host.com and I will add you to my list to update you with how we will proceed when Motorsport UK come back to me shortly.

Visor Cams (Cambox) and Go Pros. I should have an answer early next week re: the cambox/visor cam. Again I remain very optimistic that we will get it passed for use in Club100. Go Pro’s will be coming off helmets, we will be adding mounts to the nassau panels to fit Go Pros, as we do not wish to spoil your fun, but we were about the very last championship that still allowed them to be helmet mounted and I’m afraid that that has to change.

The Young Drivers Championship – interest has been strong, entries are coming in, I will post an update later in the month.

PFI 6 Hour – We will be issuing entry information later in the month.

Well there you have it, thats where we are. I can only thank you again for your support, your patience, and that I look forward to seeing racing with Club100 in 2020.

Best Regards

John Vigor