Driver Change: Andy Mather in, Chris Sinpson Out

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A passing of the social media and website admin baton is going on currently at Club100 Towers, as Chris Simpson, some of you older hands know him in person, of course, but many of the newer people will only know by name or only as the admin that answers customer inquiries on our social media, is stepping down. We’re in a relatively quiet time of the year, with everything ticking along, and soon the preparation for the 2024 season will begin in earnest, so this is an excellent moment to begin a handover. In the changing world of Club100 Racing we do like ‘continuity’ and although obviously reluctant to accept Chris’ resignation we have a near perfect replacement, steeped in both BUKC and Club100 lore, in Andy Mather.


Chris Simpson

It’s not everyday you get to compose your own obituary… Alhough this is not that. I’d like to thank Club100, and particularly John Vigor for 25 years of great experiences, great racing, a few soakings, a lot of sunshine and some sunburn, and a lot of laughs. I have picked up a few trophies along the way and they are around here somewhere. I’ve made a host of friends through my participation in Club100 with the various hats or helmets that I’ve worn. I bump into a lot of them around the car racing circuits of UK. They all smile when they see me, doubtless remembering the Club100 races they’ve had, about wheels we banged, or the words I’ve written, or the commentary I’ve added to video on some of them. We stop, we chat, like it isn’t 15years since we raced.

Club100 video making unexpectedly turned into a serious business, Club100 made me become a cameraman, producer/director, an editor, a commentator and opened doors to work in the Silverstone pit lane and to even working at the Le Mans 24 hours, latterly more and more in live production. It was even indirectly responsible for me learning to ski and finding myself skiing in Colorado. I think it’s fair to say I’m a more interesting person because of Club100 but most of all because of the fun I’ve had with the great people I have met through Club100.

Latterly I’ve been more and more in the background, and more by my choice particularly since the pandemic. I must confess with time to reflect, it’s not so much the years taking it’s toll as it is the driving miles – the miles spent driving on the UK roads all the way from the north east of England, along with increasing day job requirements and productively making the most of my spare time around other commitments. My Club100 experience and knowledge begins to feel a little dated, and belonging to the clutchless TKM era, to me at least. It feels the right time to fade out of the way for someone younger and fresher and a deal more current to help take Club100 on in the Rotax era, helping John Vigor and Will Tew take those exciting developments forward. I’ll try not to be a complete stranger. Adieu.


Andy Mather

He has encyclopedic knowledge of BUKC and Club100 starting as a driver for the University of Birmingham, followed by 3 years in the Club100 Lightweight Sprints and more recently as part of the DDMM Barnstormers Endurance team – the proudest moment being picking up 2nd place in the 2019 Intermediate Classification.

Off-track Andrew is the current voice of Club100 (along with Double Dash Motorsport Media partner Howard Mitchell with a burgeoning career in motorsport media that started with commentary on the BUKC back in the 2016 season.

Having made the move from a career in automotive engineering earlier this year to work in motorsport media as principally a commentator on a full-time basis, Andrew has provided commentary for numerous events across karting and car racing both here in the UK and abroad, including calling British success in gearbox categories for the first time in a quarter of a century at the FIA Karting European Championships in Italy back in July.

Embracing the digital age Andrew has been a key driving force behind the Club100 iRacing championship, hosting broadcasts of the series since its inception on DDMM’s YouTube channel. A series born from the fallow period for real-life racing during the pandemic, Andrew, along with others, helped to keep the spirit of Club100 competition alive through the medium of sim racing whilst lockdown was in place.

Since then the series has continued and is now into its fourth year of competition, boasts over 50 drivers with history in BUKC and Club100 competition racing together in monthly events with the highest performing drivers across the series’ classifications receiving opportunities to race in the Club100 Endurance Championship.

Andrew Mather will be working in the background, posting content, driver information, and handling social media inquiries here on the Club100 pages alongside continuing to provide commentary for Club100 events.