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It goes without saying that we are all very much aware of the current climate and the advise from our government, Public Health England, expert scientists and our own governing body Motorsport UK must be adhered to, with all necessary precautions put into action.

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Digital JV – Briefings – Harnessing Technology To Stay On Track

October 7, 2020

Going forward and from this coming weekend’s events at Whilton Mill we are introducing digital briefings.

The digital briefing will take the place of the full and thorough briefings on the day. However, there will still be a physical briefing on the day just to cover one or two relative subjects, which will last for a couple of minutes or so!

New (novice) drivers joining us for the first time will still be required to go through a full safety briefing on the day.

The digital briefing can be found within the signing on link. When you click on the link there will be the button to click to sign on, together with a button to click which takes you to the briefing.

The briefing will be laid out in sections, which you are required to click each one to confirm you have read. Once all sections have been clicked as read, we will receive a notification that you have read through each of the notes.

Please be aware that we are able to see how long you have taken to read the briefing!! So if we see you have taken 7 seconds for example, you clearly have not read the briefing and will be asked to go through the progress again on the day.

It is for your benefit and the safety of yourself and fellow competitors that you take the time to read my notes.

Welcome to the new normal.
John Vigor

CEO, Club100 Racing Ltd.

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