COVID 19 Update – 11/9/20, effective 14/9/20

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COVID 19 Update – 11/9/20, effective 14/9/20

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Unfortunately the general UK position, as many of you are aware of, has deteriorated. Our governing body has issued revised guidance.

We would like to confirm, in light of a latest COVID update from Motorsport UK, that Lydd Round 6 is definitely still going ahead, as are all of our future planned events. We will be, of course, following our governing body’s advice and instructions, and we (staff and drivers alike) must all comply. On initial reading we do not believe there is an event stopping change that we cannot accommodate to keep our and your season on track.

Effective 14/9/20 – the main points that effect you as a competitor/customer are outlined below.

  • there is now the requirement for all participants to wear a face mask in all areas of the venue at all times
  • the removal of individual personal exemptions from wearing a face mask; these persons will no longer be allowed to attend Motorsport UK events
  • the revised measures are effective from Monday 14 September and further details can be found in an updated version of our COVID-19 Q&A, available on the Restart section of our website.

Full revised Q&A – https://www.motorsportuk.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/2020-09-11-covid-19-guidance-update-q-a.pdf

Club100 will be looking closer at our own organisational event procedures over the next few days, and if any further changes that effect Club100 competitors are identified or actions are required these will be communicated.

I know there maybe some of you who are unable to comply with these revised requirements, particularly the individual personal exemptions from wearing a face mask, we believe (if you are able to wear one ) a solution of a visor, that we can source within our membership that would meet compliance with the new instructions. I will bring forward more information about that very soon.

Fundamentally these actions have been taken with the safety of all in mind and we must respect that.

For those that now feel they must change their intentions in light of these changes I would ask you to contact me or the Office on Monday by phone 01795 883592, or by email jv@peters496.sg-host.com, at your earliest convenience, to discuss.

John Vigor

CEO, Club100 Racing Ltd