CLUB100 Senior 2024 News! Calendar Available and Rules Changes

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As the 2023 season rolls into the autumnal run-in, along with deciding championship titles for this year it is time to look forward to 2024!

2024 Investment

Club100 are pleased to announce new investment of around £475,000 on fresh equipment for our customers for 2024’s racing, including 73 new Birel N35X karts, 76 Rotax Junior Engines, new Kelgate braking systems and more!

2024 Registration – Dates for your diary!

Drivers who have raced with us in 2023 will be given priority to register for racing in 2024. All drivers will be invited on Monday 30th October via email to advise us on which championship(s) and rounds they wish to enter. This includes Cadet & Junior Academy days.

Please note that Club100 will not be able to accept registrations prior to the emails going out on Monday 30th October. Priority within return drivers will be given to those entering all or most rounds within their chosen 2024 championship.

Drivers who are registered with Club100 and have not raced with us in 2023, together with our extended database, will receive notification in early November of when registrations open.

We will be staggering the formal opening times for each Championship. At the time of writing the opening times are scheduled to “go live” across the period of Monday 27th November and Tuesday 28th November.

Further information will also be available on our latest news page on the website and across our social media platforms.

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2024 Senior Championships

2024’s Senior Championships; Endurance, SP60 and Sprint, will remain largely unchanged.

There will be some minor tweaks to some formats, together with amendments to some rules and regulations to be announced in due course. The number of dropped rounds shall also be increased across all formats.

The number of rounds for the Endurance, SP60 and Sprints championship will be 10. The Endurance Championship will race during the Saturday afternoon session at specific rounds.

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For the C100 Experience there will be 7 rounds in 2024 with the most significant changes across the Senior Championships with four separate championships; Novice Lightweight, Novice Intermediate, Novice Heavyweight and Advanced (formerly the Intermediate class).

Minimum weight limits for those classes shall be as follows; Novice Lightweight at 70kg, Novice Intermediate at 80kg, Novice Heavyweight at 90kg and Advanced at 82kg. Novice drivers who weigh 74kg or above with helmet and race suit are eligible for the Novice Intermediate, likewise for drivers at 84kg and above are eligible for the Novice Heavyweight.

Each event will be split into AM and PM sessions. Further details to follow with schedule but for example, the Lightweights and Intermediate would run in one session, the Heavyweights and Advanced runners in the other.

The format for the C100 Experience will be that of a single 15 minute practice/qualifying session and two 20 minute races.

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Pricing for the 2024 Senior Championships are as follows;

Championship Registration (Individual) – £55

Championship Registration (Team) – £85

Sprint Race Entry – £230

SP60 Race Entry – £295

Team Endurance Race Entry – £595

C100 Experience Race Entry – £255

Test Session (30 mins) – £120

Test Session (60 mins) – £240

All prices above include VAT.



The 2024 Club100 Senior Championships will start with the annual “Season Opener” taking place on Saturday 27th January at Buckmore Park. This event is designed for a team of two drivers or a solo competitor. Full details with the option to reserve your entry will be released in December.

The dates for the Senior Championships proper are listed below. Please note they are provisional and subject to change until the end of the calendar year.

Senior Championship
C100 Experience

Further enquiries regards the 2024 Championships can be directed to the Club100 office or via our Facebook page by dropping us a direct message.