CLUB100 Junior 2024 News! Calendars Released and New Kit for Next Year

2024 Junior 2 scaled

As the 2023 season rolls into the autumnal run-in, along with deciding championship titles for this year it is time to look forward to 2024!

2024 Investment

Club100 are pleased to announce new investment of around £475,000 on fresh equipment for our customers for 2024’s racing, including 73 new Birel N35X karts, 76 Rotax Junior Engines, new Kelgate braking systems and more!

2024 Registration – Dates for your diary!

Drivers who have raced with us in 2023 will be given priority to register for racing in 2024. All drivers will be invited on Monday 30th October via email to advise us on which championship(s) and rounds they wish to enter. This includes Cadet & Junior Academy days.

Please note that Club100 will not be able to accept registrations prior to the emails going out on Monday 30th October. Priority within return drivers will be given to those entering all or most rounds within their chosen 2024 championship.

Drivers who are registered with Club100 and have not raced with us in 2023, together with our extended database, will receive notification in early November of when registrations open.

We will be staggering the formal opening times for each Championship. At the time of writing the opening times are scheduled to “go live” across the period of Monday 27th November and Tuesday 28th November.

Further information will also be available on our latest news page on the website and across our social media platforms.

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2024 Junior Championships

Further to news earlier in the year, Club100 is expanding the Junior Championship to more tracks and regions across the nation. 2024 will see the number of rounds increase from 8 to 10, forming a National Championship. The Junior season will start with 4 Academy Days across February and March, with the Championship itself starting at the end of March.

With the increase in championship rounds, the number of dropped scores shall also change. With two scoring races for each driver per round, the best 8 rounds from 10 shall count – i.e. the best 16 scoring races from a full season of 20 races.

The minimum racing weight criteria for drivers shall be the same as in 2023. Junior Super Lightweight will continue with a 60kg weight limit, Junior Lightweight 70kg. Drivers with race suit and helmet who weigh 63kg or higher shall be eligible to compete in the Lightweight category.

Age eligibility for the Juniors also remains unchanged. To compete in the Junior races a driver shall be between a minimum of 13 years of age AND in the year of their 14th birthday and a maximum of 18 years of age AND in the year of their 19th birthday.

Junior drivers shall once again use the full-size Club100 karts for their racing. Therefore as in 2023 any driver shall also meet the strict minimum height of 157cm / 5’2″ and minimum entry weight (with suit and helmet) of 41kg.

Maximum entry size for a Junior round shall remain at 78 drivers and the race format remains as per 2023; Practice, Qualifying, Pre-Final and Final sessions all of 11 minutes in length with each driver competing over a single day for each round.

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Pre-Event Testing

Pre-Event Testing shall be on offer for drivers once again in 2024. Due to high demand in 2023, changes will be made to accommodate for more drivers to receive the opportunity to test ahead of race events.

As such in 2024 drivers will be offered a single 11-minute session as opposed to the two sessions offered this year. This doubles the capacity of drivers who can take part in these sessions up to 60.

The option to book Pre-Event Test Sessions will be offered when we call you to run through and confirm your 2024 registration.

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Pricing for the 2024 Junior Championship is as follows;

Championship Registration – £55

Academy Day – £180

Pre-Event Testing – £45

Race Event Entry – £262

Please note – a non-refundable deposit of £30 is required to secure all race bookings.


The 2024 calendar for Junior continues with the approach to make the championship increasingly accessible to drivers and families across the country. As such we’re pleased to welcome tracks such as Rowrah and Warden Law to the calendar alongside regular circuits on the schedule.

The dates for the 2024 Junior Championship are as follows. Please note that these dates shall remain provisional until the end of the calendar year.

Junior Championship 1

Further enquiries regards the 2024 Championships can be directed to the Club100 office or via our Facebook page by dropping us a direct message.