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Rye House Kart Raceway, Rye Road, Hoddesdon, UK
01992 460 895
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The Rye House Kart circuit is on the eastern side of Hoddesdon, just off the A10. Hoddesdon itself is signposted as a turning off the A10. Follow the signs for Hoddesdon when leaving the roundabout at the top of the slip round off the A10. At the next roundabout, turn left followed by the right at the next roundabout. Turn left at the T-junction and follow the road up to a mini roundabout. Turn right and proceed down this road and over the Canal Bridge. Go past the Rye House Public House and then turn right into the Rye House complex, driving past the stock car circuit and greyhound track.

Showers, hospitality suite, changing rooms, cafeteria, kart shop.

This web page is intended as a guide to the Rye House circuit that is used by CLUB100 for test days, Sprint race days and Endurance race days. Rye House has been established for a long time and has been holding Kart races since the seventies.

The circuit favours the lighter drivers due to two very tight hairpins, the second of which precedes the back straight. The key to a quick lap time lies in getting a good exit from these hairpins and the last corner prior to the main straight. The highlight of the circuit is the first corner, stadium, a legend in its own lifetime and still a truly testing corner that sorts the men from the boys. The first hairpin is the scene of many a first lap incident and (as described below) you really need to take care when approaching and turning into this corner in case the ‘do or die’ drivers end up ‘dying’ whilst attempting late braking overtaking manoeuvres!

One traditional problem over the years has been a problem with flooding at the circuit. This is being addressed by the introduction of earth banks that now help prevent the local canal from flooding onto the circuit. However (and especially in the winter and spring months) the circuit can still get quite water logged, so don’t fall off the circuit because even when its dry on the track, there are a few unpleasant puddles just off the circuit that will mean a trip to the washing machine for your overalls!

It is worth pointing out that entrance to the pits is at turn 7 and you exit the pits just before the start finish line. Drivers should make sure that they glance to the right when exiting the pits (more relevant in the Endurance) to ensure there is no oncoming traffic. Drivers should also keep to the left-hand side of the circuit when exiting the pits in order that those at full speed on the circuit can drive around them.

On the rolling ups (formation laps) CLUB 100 uses the cut-through at the end of Stadium. This enables the drivers to miss the two hairpins and takes you from Stadium onto the back straight. This in effect makes the circuit an oval shape, which is ideal for formation laps.

In conjunction with the excellent report written below by Marc Craddock, we suggest that you attend the track walks that take place before each Endurance event and in the morning of the Sprint events. This will enable you to get an even more detailed analysis of where to position the Kart on the circuit, brake and accelerate as well as understanding the key overtaking places on the circuit. As Marc points out below, a few of the corners have some strange lines that enable you to gain advantage over the others, so understanding is key if you want to be on the pace at this particular circuit.