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Ellough Park Suffolk

Ellough Park Raceway, Benacre Rd., Suffolk, NR34 7XD

01502 717 718


Clubhouse, changing rooms, toilets and a burger van.


An introduction to Ellough Park

Ellough Park was first used by Club100 in 2001, and it is now a regular on the Club 100 calendar for both Sprint & Endurance events.

The facilities at Ellough consist of a small clubhouse, a changing/viewing area (combined!) with patio doors facing the track and a burger van that is usually in attendance on race days. There are also toilet facilities that look quite new.

The pits entrance is at the chicane and hence you go straight on instead of negotiating this corner. Once in the pit lane, you turn right (this is a tight turn so beware!) then left onto the dummy grid. The pits exit runs onto the main start/finish straight, to the left of which is the old track surface that can be used if extra room is needed. Care should be taken when leaving the pit leave and drivers are requested to keep to the far left of the circuit to avoid any incidents with those already travelling at full racing speeds!

Unfortunately there are no cut throughs, which is annoying because it would be very easy to make one at the end of the back straight (going straight onto the hairpin), creating an oval for the formation laps. Missing out the final chicane is the only real short -cut and CLUB100 will use this at both the Sprint and Endurance events on the formation laps. With no cut-throughs of any significance, it will be important for drivers to get into position quickly and for the front row drivers to ensure a uniform speed on the approach to the start line.