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Bayford Meadows Kent

Eurolink Industrial Estate, Symmonds Dr,, Kent, ME10 3RY

01795 410 707


Clubhouse, cafeteria, signing-on hut and toilets.


An introduction to Bayford Meadows

Bayford Meadows has been a regular feature on the C-100 calendar since 1998 when C-100 first visited the venue. The circuit was constructed in 1996 and features a fast outer section of corners and a very tight infield section that consists of three consecutive hairpins. It is therefore a circuit that suits the lighter drivers who have the advantage out of the slower corners. The faster corners around the outside of the circuit, are however, some of the most exciting corners on any of the circuits visited during the season and are great fun to drive.

The circuit lends itself nicely to the Sprint format and the rolling up laps are made easy by using the cut through at the back of the circuit that turns the circuit into one large oval. The location of the finish line prior to the pit lane entrance, means it is possible to finish a race and then come straight in the pits afterwards provided the drivers have sufficiently slowed down their karts before entering the uphill pit lane.

The pit lane is very tight and drivers should remember to carry enough speed up the pit lane entrance section before turning sharp right onto the dummy grid. Drivers that stall and cause a backlog of karts down the pit lane entrance tend not to be very popular with those that have to then push their karts up hill onto the dummy grid! Drivers contesting the Endurance championships will also use the same rolling up lap and should remember to raise their hands when pulling into the pit lane when making scheduled pit stops.

The opening laps of the races tend to result in a lot of contact due to the fact that drivers have to contend with 3 tight hairpins. It is very easy to get off line at any of these corners and lose numerous places so it is important to defend your line in the early laps of any C-100 event. There have been some great races at the circuit in previous years and it is one of those circuits where it is really difficult to break away from the pursuing pack once in the lead of the race. This ensures good close racing with lots of outbraking taking place into the 3 tight hairpins.

In summary, a track that favours the lightweight drivers but one that always provides some great action. It is great for spectators as you can see the whole circuit from any location which means the drivers are never safe from the watchful eye of the clerk of the course.