Lydd – Bite Size Track Guide


Lydd is a very fast, flowing track with no low speed corners and in my opinion, is probably the easiest circuit to master amongst all the circuits on the CLUB100 calendar. Most corners on this track are important because there is usually a stretch of straight after each one. Also, due to the high speed nature of the circuit, a little bit of patience is required due to make a clean overtake as overtaking can be tricky.

So, we cross the Start/Finish line which is a very short straight heading towards the first right, left, right chicane which we’ll call Turn 1. Now the first chicane is nearly flat out but as you swing right for the first right kink, you should be aiming to skim the inside kerb and this is where a dab of brake is needed before swinging left for the left hander, taking some inside kerb before letting the kart run nice a wide on the exit, using a bit of exit kerb to help carry the momentum. On the first chicane, it’s important not to carry too much speed through the corner or hit the inside kerbs too hard because this will unsettle the kart and you’ll most likely go flying across the outside kerb on the exit and into the bark which will stop the kart stone dead!

So once you exit the first chicane you’ll pass through a little right hand kink and head down a short straight before quickly arriving at the second chicane of Turn 2. This is another right, left, right chicane but it’s a little more complex than the first chicane but the principles are pretty similar. So that means on entry, swing right and take some inside kerb, skimming the stack of tires situated on the kerb before braking nice hard as you slow the kart down for the left hander. Now it’s important to keep over to the right as you pass through the right hander as this will open up the entry to the following left and then, as you turn in for the left you’ll want a little nibble of inside kerb before releasing the kart on the exit taking a bit of outside kerb.

You’ll then pass through a little right hand kink before quickly arriving at Turn 3 which is a medium speed right hander. Now on entry, you want a little blip of brake before turning in, running a little inside kerb and letting the kart run wide on the exit taking a little exit kerb. Now this corner is probably the first overtaking opportunity on the circuit and with the track being so wide here, there’s a huge gap on the inside of the racing line to make a move. As an air of caution, try not to run too wide on the exit as there is a fairly big drop behind the outside kerb which easy to find if you drop your outside wheels over the kerb which could damage the kart but also send you up the banking!

So as you exit Turn 3 you’ll pass through a slight left kink and over a little brow where you’ll be greeted instantly by Turn 4 which is a right hander that tightens up slightly and that for me, makes it the toughest corner on the circuit. Now as you drop down the hill you’ll immediately have to start turning slightly and then gently dab the brake as you steer towards the inside kerb aiming just skim it…not hit it! The most important thing is to exit the corner with a kart width space on the inside because you IMMEDIATELY enter Turn 5 which is a super long left hander and going too wide on the exit of Turn 4 will severely affect your performance through Turn 5 and your run down the back straight.

Now the hardest thing about Turn 4 is knowing when to turn in because there is simply no reference point and if you turn in too early, you’ll smash that nasty inside kerb and if you turn in too late…you’ll run too wide on the exit….and this is what makes the corner so difficult! The entry to Turn 4 is also a very good overtaking spot

So as we’ve exited Turn 4 we need to immediately turn left, aiming to take some inside kerb of Turn 5. As I said previously, Turn 5 is a really long, flat out left hander but if you exit Turn 4 correctly, Turn 5 should be relatively easy and you should be able to hug the inside kerb all the way around to Turn 6. Then, as you come to the end of Turn 5 you’ll next to flick right through the easy flat out Turn 6 which brings you on to the long back straight. Again, Turn 6 is easy flat but just be careful not to run too wide on the exit because just like Turn 3, there is a nasty outside kerb with a drop behind it.

So now we’re coming to the end of the lap heading down towards the final corner, Turn 7. Now the final corner is double apexed so you could technically say its 2 separate corners but as they go hand in hand in with one another, I think it’s just one long bend!

Now on entry you want a very quick stab of brake before turning in and then you want to clip BOTH kerbs with the second kerb being the most important one because if you miss that…you’ll end up running wide on the exit where there is little grip PLUS you could potentially get a track limits warning before you cross the Start/Finish line.
The final corner is a good overtaking spot BUT you can’t make any late lunges here because the braking zone is so close to the corner (practically as you turn in).

Key Corners

  • Turn 1
  • Turn 2
  • Turn 4
  • Turn 5
  • Turn 7

Overtaking Opportunities

  • Turn 3
  • Turn 4
  • Turn 7


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