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Buckmore Park for me, is like an old rickety rollercoaster which is such great fun with its various uphill and downhill high speed sections but it’s also rough and bumpy in places which makes it a very physical white knuckle ride!

We’ll start the lap from no better place than at the Start/Finish line. So we’re quickly approaching Turn 1 (Conways) and the KEY here is to hook up the apex at Turn 2 (Henry’s Bend) and that means a little blip of brake on entry to Turn 1 will help keep the kart stable and this will also allow you to keep a nice tight line as you power through Turn 2.

So you should exit Turn 2 over to the far left before a very short straight then you’ll head straight into Turn 3 (also known as Hairpin 1). Turn 3 is your standard hairpin and is your first real overtaking spot on the track so of course late, hard braking is important but you don’t want brake too late as you’ll overshoot, run wide and a big chunk of lap time will be lost. Just make sure you hook up that mid corner apex before letting the kart run gently wide to the edge of the track before heading straight back over to the right for Turn 4 (also known as Hairpin 2).

Turn 4 (Hairpin 2) is arguably one of the most important and most difficult corners on the track! If anyone asks me for advice at Buckmore, it’s usually because they are struggling with Hairpin 2! My advice is keep it simple and don’t over complicate it! So, on entry have a little dab of brake then turn in and aim for a slightly late apex which mean you should be going over the last part of the inside kerb and that will help you straight line the exit and therefore get a good run down towards the flat out chicane. Again, Hairpin 2 is a great overtaking spot as the door is left wide open on approach.

Now we’re heading towards the very fast left/right chicane of Turns 5 and 6. As mentioned before, the chicane is flat out so all you need to do is hit both apex’s and be ultra smooth in order not to scrub any excess momentum and before you know it, you’ll be arriving at Turn 7 (Symes Sweep).

Turn 7 is my favourite corner on the track, it’s downhill and is a very fast right hander which leads straight into Turn 8 (Pullmans) which then in-turn leads straight into Turn 9 (Paddock Bend). All these corners work together and you should start with leaving your turn in for Turn 7 a fraction late so that you take a slightly later apex which allows you to exit in the middle of track which sets you up nicely for Turn 8. Like I said, Turn 7 is FAST so you may wish to dab the brake mid-corner just to keep the kart from drifting sideways.

So as we exit Turn 7 in the middle of the circuit, we want to turn in for Turn 8 nice and late so that we get a really late apex which sets you up perfectly for Turn 9 as you’ll be positioned over to the left. Again, like Turn 7 you may wish to dab the brake pedal if you feel that you’re sliding too much but ideally, it should be taken flat.

Turn 9 (Paddock Bend) is a very important corner as the exit is very much uphill (Damon’s Hill) so any mistakes made will really affect your lap time! So on approach, have a hard quick stab of brake before getting on the gas as you turn in, taking a little inside kerb and then importantly, straight lining the exit as you run up the hill towards Turn 10 (Garda). Remember, any mistakes made through Turns 7 or 8 will most certainly affect your approach to Turn 9.

So we’re approaching the final sector of the lap with one key corner to go….Turn 10! Turn 10 has an uphill approach so you can really attack the braking zone. Again, like most corners around Buckmore, you’ll want a late apex as Turn 11 (Senna’s Chicane) immediately appears on the exit so a quick and aggressive stab of brake is needed on entry before turning into the corner running the last part of the inside kerb a little bit which will allow you to exit the corner in the middle of track. This line is exactly where you want to be as you’ll need minimal steering for the easy flat-out Turn 11. Remember though, Turn 10 is so so important because you should be flat out from here all the way through Turns 11 and 12…….and all the way up to Turn 1 so any mistakes here will really affect your momentum as you run up the hill (Herbert’s Rise). Again, Turn 10 is a great overtaking opportunity.

As mentioned, Turn 11 is easy flat so just take a little inside kerb and then let the kart release off the bend, running wide to the edge of the circuit carrying all that momentum up the hill and towards the final corner, Turn 12.

Turn 12 is also flat out in normal racing conditions so on approach, keep over to the right hand side to open up the corner as much as you can, then turn in with minimal steering and run a little inside kerb before letting the kart straighten up and run over to the outside kerb before crossing the Start/Finish line to complete your lap of Buckmore Park!

Key Corners:

  • Turn 4 (Hairpin 2)
  • Turn 9 (Paddock Bend)
  • Turn 10 (Garda)

Overtaking Opportunities

  • Turn 3 (Hairpin 1)
  • Turn 4 (Hairpin 2)
  • Turn 9 (Paddock Bend)
  • Turn 10 (Garda)


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