Super-Heavyweight Sprint Championship 2018

  • Ages:
  • Min racing weight:
  • 12 rounds
  • Single class
  • £230.00 per round inc. + £55.00 one-off registration fee

The Super Heavyweight sprint championship is open to new drivers looking to race for the first time, drivers in their second season and regular more experienced drivers who have not achieved the level to be invited into the higher Elite and Clubman Classes.

The Championship is run within the Heavyweight Championship, with the SHW drivers carrying different colour number plates and competing in their own championship as well as the Heavyweight Championship overall.

The Races are designed to promote racing between drivers of similar abilities through a modern format of – Practice, Qualifying, Pre-Final and Final.

Minimum weight limits are enforced. The Super Heavyweight Championship is run over 12 rounds, with 24 championship points scoring Finals (best 18 of 24 to count).The events consist of a maximum 50 entries per round (combined HW and SHW drivers) with drivers split into two equal groups in timed qualifying and two Pre-Finals (A&B) and two Finals (A&B) being run.

Note: Novice drivers looking to move up to Club100 must attend a Test Session prior to racing.

Weight limits

The Championship minimum entry weight limit is 95Kg, with a minimum racing weight limit of 98Kg.

Any drivers weighing in below 95Kg will enter the Heavyweight Class

To determine a driver’s weight limit, each driver should include their full kit i.e. Crash Helmets, Overalls and boots (we do not include the number plate and transponder). Random checks will be made throughout each day during the season and any driver found to be lighter than the required weight limit will be excluded from that race.

Buddy system

Another unique aspect of CLUB100 is our Buddy System. Drivers competing in their first ever Sprint event will have access to a ‘buddy’ driver who will be on hand to assist throughout the day. The CLUB100 ‘buddy’ drivers are more experienced drivers who know the rules in depth and are happy to help new drivers on their first race day. The other advantage of the buddy system is that drivers get to know each other, helping to perpetuate the overall club spirit that is one of the important aspects of CLUB100 both on and off the track. ‘Buddy’ drivers are allocated at the driver’s briefings.

Practice and qualifying

Practice is 5 laps and is generally used by drivers to familiarise with the circuit and give the kart a shake down. At the end of practice the green flag is shown signifying the end of practice and the start of a 6 minute timed session to set a single best lap time per driver. The driver with the fastest lap from the timed qualifying will start on pole position in the Pre-A Final, down to the driver with the slowest lap time starting last in the Pre-B Final.


After the grids are set in timed qualifying, all drivers will take part in a 12 minute Pre-Final race, with each driver’s finishing position setting the grid for their Final. Championship points are awarded for all Pre-Finals. In the Pre-A Final, drivers are given 3 practice/kart check laps to test their karts prior to the race and may change their karts at any time during these 3 laps.

The top 4 in the Pre-B Final repe-chage onto the back of the grid of the Pre-A Final, joining those already qualified for this race.

Race finals

Following the Pre-Finals, all drivers will compete in a 12 minute Final. Championship points are awarded for all finals.

The top 2 in the B Final repe-chage onto the back of the grid of the A Final, joining those already qualified for this race.

In the A Final, drivers are given 3 practice/kart check laps to test their karts prior to the race and may change their kart at any time during these 3 laps.


Drivers may want to take advantage of our 30 minute test session, which runs prior to the drivers briefing and racing.


A trophy will be presented to the top three finishing Super Heavyweight Drivers at each round.

Race reports / Results service

The results along with championship tables from each race meeting are posted on the comprehensive CLUB100 website at the end of the event. Lap times, lap charts and virtual timing screens are also available. The race reports which include all finals in all events are usually posted within one week after each event.

Social media / Live streaming

Cool Thinking Media will be in attendance at each round, live streaming the action. By liking Club100 on Facebook and following us on Twitter, you can stay in touch and join in on all of what’s current on our Sprint race days, with action, interviews and announcements posted as it happens. You can also find plenty of action on our YouTube channel and on this website.

Please note: Our Sprint racing is run on a very tight schedule, failure to arrive on time can result in you missing the event on the basis that you have not attended the briefing.


Round 1 – Buckmore Park

  • Sun, February 25, 2018

Round 2 – Whilton Mill

  • Sun, April 15, 2018

Round 3 – Rye House

  • Sun, April 29, 2018

Round 4 – Shenington

  • Sun, May 27, 2018

Round 5 – Glan y Gors Park

  • Sun, June 17, 2018

Round 6 – Buckmore Park

  • Sun, July 8, 2018

Round 7 – Ellough Park

  • Sun, July 29, 2018

Round 8 – Lydd

  • Sun, August 19, 2018

Round 9 – Rye House

  • Sun, September 2, 2018

Round 10 – Clay Pigeon

  • Sun, September 30, 2018

Round 11 – Whilton Mill

  • Sun, October 21, 2018

Round 12 – Buckmore Park

  • Sun, November 11, 2018

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