Rookie Endurance Championship 2016

  • Ages:
  • Min racing weight:
  • 10 rounds
  • Single class
  • £595.00 per round inc. + £85 one-off registration fee

The Intermediate and Rookie Classes race together. The Rookie Class is designed for novice teams in their first or second year of racing. The Intermediate Class is open to teams who have been promoted from the Rookie Class, new teams who have plenty of previous Karting experience and regular teams who are aspiring to win promotion to the Clubman Class.

To create a level playing field, CLUB100 imposes a minimum weight limit of 83kg, the knock­on effect being extremely close racing. It is each team’s responsibility to ensure their drivers achieve the minimum required weight limit. Full details on how to achieve minimum weights are available on request.

The season is run over 10 rounds with each team’s best 8 scores counting towards the championship and both classes having their own separate championship tables.

Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd are awarded to the top three teams in both classes at each event.

  • Practice ­ 30 minutes
  • Qualifying ­ 5 minutes
  • Race ­ 2 hours

Kart allocation

Each team’s Kart is randomly allocated on the day. To avoid confusion, teams carry the same number for the entire season.


Practice is 30 minutes and is generally used by drivers to familiarise with the circuit and give the kart a shake down. From 5 minutes through to 20 minutes, the Club100 test drivers are available to test the

Karts and make any necessary adjustments. The test drivers carry their own timing transponder to ensure each Kart is within an agreed tolerance. If the tolerance time is not achieved, the team are offered a replacement Kart. At the end of practice the green flag is dropped signifying the start of qualifying. At the same time the refuelling bay is closed and anyone not in the queue will not be allowed to refuel until 5 minutes into the race.


Teams have a 5 minute qualifying period in which to post a competitive time. With the refuelling bay closed, this will add an extra tactical element as teams will need to choose whether to use the whole 5 minutes or do a few flying laps then pit to conserve fuel.

The race

Fuel ­windows and strategy

Each team must make a mandatory fuel stop 5 times during the race as follows –

  • Window 1 = 2 minutes through to 20 minutes of the race
  • Window 2 = 25 minutes through to 45 minutes of the race
  • Window 3 = 50 minutes through to 1 hour & 10 minutes of the race
  • Window 4 = 1 hour & 15 minutes through to 1 hour & 35 minutes of the race
  • Window 5 = 1 hour & 40 minutes through to 1 hour & 55 minutes of the race

Optimum strategy centres round the timing of a team’s pit­stops within the windows. There are a number of variables to be considered such as; minimising the time spent refueling over the race distance, avoiding the busiest times in the fuel bay and avoiding traffic on circuit. There is time to be gained by getting this right and a lot of time to be lost getting it wrong! As you move up the classes in Club100 Endurance racing, strategy becomes increasingly key.

Pit stops

With racing being so close, pit stops play a vital part in the race’s final outcome. With grids of up to 35 karts and only 2 fuel bays, finding a window to refuel without having to queue is not easy. Some teams adjust their strategy to avoid the busiest times whilst others rely on pit to driver communication. Once in the fuel bay, the refuelling marshals take over. During this time the team can change any seat inserts or lead for the next driver. Teams will need to be slick and find ways to change drivers, adjust pedal settings and change over any ballast quickly.


Registration 12:00
Driver briefing 13:30
Open practice 14:00 – 14:30
Timed Qualifying 14:30 – 14:35
2 Hour Race 15:00 – 17:00
Presentation 17:10


Round 1 – Buckmore Park

  • Sat, February 27, 2016

Round 2 – Lydd

  • Sat, April 16, 2016

Round 3 – Whilton Mill

  • Sat, April 30, 2016

Round 4 – Glan y Gors Park

  • Sat, June 25, 2016

Round 5 – Clay Pigeon

  • Sat, July 30, 2016

Round 6 – Llandow

  • Sat, August 27, 2016

Round 7 – Red Lodge

  • Sat, September 17, 2016

Round 8 – Whilton Mill

  • Sat, October 8, 2016

Round 9 – Ellough Park

  • Sat, October 29, 2016

Round 10 – Buckmore Park

  • Sat, November 12, 2016

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