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Quadrant Championship - Class 1 2018

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Championship information

Now in its second year, The Quadrant Championship is a series designed to fit in between Sprint and Endurance racing, offering a format of four 25 minute races. Most teams are formed as a team of 2, but is equally workable as a single driver or teams of 3 or 4. There are a choice of two classes, which race together as one single grid on each race. Class 1 is for teams with experience and regular drivers. Class 2 is for rookie teams with minimal experience or new to Club100.

To create a level playing field, CLUB100 imposes a minimum weight limit of 85kg, the knock-on effect being extremely close racing. It is each team’s responsibility to ensure their drivers achieve the minimum required weight limit. Full details on how to achieve minimum weights are available on request.

The season is run over 12 rounds with each team’s best 9 scores counting towards the championship and each class having their own separate championship tables.

Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd are awarded to the top three teams in both classes at each event.

  • Practice – 5 laps on each of the four races
  • Races – Four 25 Minute Races

Kart allocation

Each team’s Kart is randomly allocated for each race. To avoid confusion, teams carry the same number for the entire season.


The grids for each race are pre-calculated prior to the event. Each team is allocated a front, rear and two middle grid slots, as an example. Classes 1 and 2 are mixed together on the grid calculator.


A 5 lap practice session is provided prior to each of the four races. These sessions are used more as a warm up session to familiarise with the Kart, circuit and conditions. An option to change your kart will be available. However, strict rules are enforced to prevent drivers from changing their Kart for little or no reason. At the end of practice, teams go straight into formation laps and racing.

The Races

The races are 25 minutes duration. After each race, the Karts are stopped on circuit and re-fuelled. Teams are asked to remove their number plates and transponders, then allocated another Kart for the next race. Points are awarded on the day to each teams finishing position in their class. At the end of race 4, each team’s best three results from the four races are added together to determine their final score and position. Points for their final position are then awarded to go towards their championship score for each round.


Drivers briefing14:15
Practice and Race 114:30 – 15:05
Practice and Race 215:15 – 15:50
Practice and Race 316:00 – 16:35
Practice and Race 416:45 – 17:20


Drivers may want to take advantage of our 30 minute test session, which runs prior to the drivers briefing and racing.

Next round

The 2020 calendar is currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To help keep you informed, we have created a page with information on our plans and activities, which we will update regularly.

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