Endurance Championship 2024

  • Ages: 16+
  • Min racing weight: See below
  • 10 rounds
  • 2 classes
  • £595.00 per round inc. + £85 one-off registration fee
Regulations / Infopack
Practice35 minutes
Qualifying10 minutes
Race2 hours


To create a level playing field, all each class must run a minimum racing weight of 85Kg. Meaning drivers falling below this weight must add ballast to the kart.

Class 1

Class 1 is our top tier for experienced teams, plus promoted teams from Class 2.

Class 2

Class 2 is open to teams that raced in our Intermediate class in 2023, along with new teams looking to race with us for the first time.


Each team’s Kart is randomly allocated on the day. To avoid confusion, teams carry the same number for the entire season.

Practice is 35 minutes and is generally used by drivers to familiarise with the circuit and give the kart a shakedown. From 5 minutes in through to 25 minutes, the Club100 test drivers are available to test the karts and make any necessary adjustments. The test drivers carry their own timing transponder to ensure each Kart is within an agreed tolerance. If the tolerance time is not achieved, the team are offered a replacement Kart. At the end of practice the green flag is shown signifying the start of qualifying. At the same time the refuelling bay is closed and anyone not in the queue will not be allowed to refuel until 2 minutes into the race.

Teams have a 10 minute qualifying period in which to post a competitive time. With the refuelling bay closed, this will add an extra tactical element as teams will need to choose whether to use the whole 10 minutes or do a couple of flying laps then pit to conserve fuel.

The Race

Fuel-windows and strategy

Each team must make a mandatory fuel stop 4 times during the race. Stopping at least once in each of the fuel windows listed as follows:

Window 110 minutes through to 30 minutes
Window 240 minutes through to 1 hour
Window 31 hour 10 minutes through to 1 hour 30 minutes
Window 41 hour 35 minutes through to 1 hour 55 minutes

Teams must take on a full tank of fuel on each of the 4 stops.

Pit stops

With racing being so close, pit stops play a vital part in the race’s final outcome. With grids of up to 35 karts and only 2 fuel bays, finding a window to refuel without having to queue is not easy. Some teams adjust their strategy to avoid the busiest times whilst others rely on pit to driver communication. Once in the fuel bay, the refuelling marshals take over. During this time the team can change any seat inserts or lead for the next driver. Teams will need to be slick and find ways to change drivers, adjust pedal settings and change over any ballast quickly.


Round 1 – Buckmore Park

  • Sat, February 24, 2024

Round 3 – Glan y Gors Park

  • Sat, April 27, 2024

Round 4 – Ellough Park

  • Sat, June 1, 2024

Round 5 – Clay Pigeon

  • Sat, July 6, 2024

Round 6 – Rissington

  • Sat, July 27, 2024

Round 7 – Lydd

  • Sat, August 17, 2024

Round 8 – Llandow

  • Sat, September 7, 2024

Round 2 – Whilton Mill

  • Rescheduled
  • Sat, September 14, 2024

Round 9 – Shenington

  • Sat, October 5, 2024

Round 10 – Buckmore Park

  • Sat, November 23, 2024

Next round

GYG Karting

Round 3 – Glan y Gors Park

  • Sat, April 27, 2024


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