Barry Newman is a GO!!!

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It’s race week for Barry Newman in aid of his Heart Cells Foundation charity awareness raising assault on the world 24 hour karting distance world record. And in wearing one of my other hats instead of Club100’s social media person, I spent 2 days with Barry making the video below. He is great company and a great human being.

Club100 and JV are supporting Barry Newman, and his son, Senior Lightweight Sprint front runner, Rob Newman, is sacrificing an opportunity to push his lead out further by missing this weekend’s Lydd round to support his father at Teesside Karting. If you’re not there, or with us, you can help him by sharing the video on your social media, and also by contributing to the Heart Cells Foundation.

To call Barry’s 24 hour ‘a race’ is something of a misnomer, ‘his struggle’, ‘his trial’, ‘his marathon’ maybe closer to the truth. While there maybe some overtaking, the reality is this is a physical and mental endurance test, a very personal one, indeed trying not to race, will be part of the test. It is all about pacing. It’s a test which has destroyed many before him. We shall see.

What we should not forget is the cause, a walking, talking example of a medical miracle, defying the accepted medical science. Almost like Lazarus, Barry has risen from heart failure, reanimated phoenix like, thanks to a pioneering stem cell therapy, and who’s cause he champions in the Heart Cells Foundation.

Will you join us in supporting this cause?

The current accepted world record was set by Marko Radisic in Orlando, Florida in February 2020, of 1521km or 945.6miles, breaking his own record set in 2018. I’ve done a rough calculation that the Teesside circuit is 2.1km’s long, so Barry will need something like 725+ laps, and if he didn’t have to stop for fuel, a mug of tea, and the loo, he would have to maintain 63kmh or 39mph, wish doesn’t sound a lot. But there are corners, the track is bumpy, so the task will be.

Barry has several advantages, it is the fastest kart circuit in the UK, he is on home ground in Yorkshire, and the wettest July in a decade, well was in July, so fine weather overdue. We’ve had 2 weekends of heavy rain, 3 in a row would be unheard of here on the Teesside Riviera. And that home ground offers the tantalising prospect of joining a pantheon of Yorkshire record holders and the freedom of the shire. Yorkshire currently holds at least 14 recognised world records, including the world’s fast shed, the fastest motorised shopping (a very kart looking) trolley (it’s a sign I tell you), at 70.4mph, set at Elvington Airfield, the world’s fastest marathon with 2 runners handcuffed together, and the heaviest strongman dead lift of 500kg. This task is an equal to the latter. We wish Barry luck.

‘The charity was the Hearts Cells Foundation who work to fix broken hearts like mine using your own stem cells. I had the procedure in November 2018 and my life has been utterly transformed from not being able to get out of bed to holding down a physical job and living my life well. Because of the miraculous treatment and my heart’s response to this the dream of breaking the record can once again become a reality.’

It is madness. It is a very British madness… Livery by, support from MAC Tools, Apollo Karts and all for the Heart Cells Foundation.

Words, and Video by me, Chris Simpson as Cool Thinking Media