ATTENTION – OFFICIAL – Championship Bulletin 003 – Venue Change

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Club100 – Endurance + SP60 + Sprint Championships

Championship Permit Numbers:  CH2021/060 – 061 – 062

Championship Grade: K-X

The following change is to be made to the official Championship Regulations already published for the above Championships and in accordance with Motorsport UK general regulation D11.1

This change is to be made from 11th August 2021.

Reason: Change of date & venue for Round 10. This round will now be held at the following venue – Lydd – Saturday/Sunday 30th/31st October. This is due to the original venue (Rye House) not meeting the necessary standards required for Club100.

Revised Regulation: 


Rd 1 Sat/Sun 24th / 25th April Clay Pigeon

Rd 2 Sat/Sun 15th / 16th May Whilton Mill

Rd 3 Sat/Sun 12th / 13th June Lydd

Rd 4 Sat/Sun 19th / 20th June Buckmore Park

Rd 5 Sat/Sun 10th / 11th July Rye House

Rd 6 Sat/Sun 31st / 1st July/Aug Ellough Park

Rd 7 Sat/Sun 11th / 12th September Bayford Meadows

Rd 8 Sat/Sun 18th / 19th September Llandow

Rd 9 Sat/Sun  9th / 10th October Whilton Mill

Rd 10 Sat/Sun 30th / 31st October Lydd

Rd 11 Sat/Sun 13th / 14th November Bayford Meadows

Championship Coordinator 

John Vigor

Published Date:  12th August 2021