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Is Club100 for me?

Club100 is suitable for all motorsport enthusiasts. All are welcome. We offer a variety of formats, together with a range of classes to suit the novice first timer, up to the experienced racer.

What is the minimum age?

Drivers can race with Club100 from the age of 14 years in the year of their 15th birthday. You can also enter a test session at the age of 14.

Do I need a race licence?

Yes. Club100 are affiliated with Motorsport UK, the Uk’s governing body. We run under a restricted licence which is specifically designed for Club100.

How much does the licence cost?

The licence is free of charge. We will send you the licence application form when you register online.

What if I already hold a valid Motorsport UK completion licence?

Then that’s fine, you can use this licence to race with Club100.

Do I need a competence test to attain a licence?

An official test (ARKS) is not required. However, if you are moving up from indoor or outdoor corporate rental karting, we will need to evaluate your performance during one of our test sessions.

Can I just enter a race without testing first?

If you are a novice first timer and never raced a 2 stroke kart previously, you must enter a 30 minute test session. This does not mean that you can’t enter a race at the same time. The test is purely to assess that you are happy and we get the chance to check out your ability.
If you have a proven race history, then it is fine to enter a race without the need to test.

How can I check to establish if I need to test before racing?

Best to contact John Vigor direct on 01795 883592. He will be able to advise accordingly.

Do you provide race wear?

We can supply the basics – Race suit, Helmet and gloves

Do you provide wet weather suits?

No. This is something you would need to arrange.

Do you recommend I purchase my own race kit?

Yes. 98% of our membership own their own race gear. It’s important to also consider a rib protector and other safety items such as neck brace, knee pads etc.

Where is the best place to purchase racewear?

Our friends at Dartford Karting offer good deals for Club100 racers. However, you can also go to GPR, Demon Tweeks or KKC.

What is ballast?

All of our championships implement minimum racing weights. For example, the minimum racing weight limit in our Lightweight Sprint Championship is set at 78KG.
If you weigh below this limit, then you will need to add lead ballast to your Kart.

Where can I get the ballast? Can you supply this?

We carry with us a stock of lead ballast, which we can lend to you on the day at no extra cost. However, we do insist that drivers that race on a regular basis purchase their own ballast. The ballast is specific and can only be purchased from Biz Karts / 020 8443 3300.
The other option is to add ballast (flat sheet lead) to a seat insert. For full details and assistance, please contact John Vigor on 01795 883592.

What are your weight categories set at?

Endurance Championship = 85KG
SP60 LW Championship = 76KG
SP60 HW Championship = 86KG (must be 81kg to be eligible)
SP60 Super HW Championship = 96KG
Sprint LW Championship = 78KG
Sprint HW Championship = 90KG (must be 83kg to be eligible)
Sprint SHW Championship = 98KG (must be 95kg to be eligible)

What is the registration fee?

The Championship registration fee is a ‘one off’ payment for the season. This fee covers administration costs, together with the permit fees payable to Motorsport UK.

So do I have to pay the registration fee every time I race?

No? It is an annual fee. Just the single payment is required.

What happens once I have completed my registration online?

We will contact you by phone to confirm your registration, take down your payment details and any testing you wish to book over and above your race entries.

Do I have to compete in the full championship?

No. You can enter as many or as few races as you wish, subject to availability.

What if I just enter one round on my registration, then wish to book in for more races further down the line?

Just call the office, or drop us an email. We will then get you booked in (subject to availability).

Do I have to pay for all of the races up front?

No. After payment of the registration fee, all we require is a deposit for each round (£15 for SP60, Sprint & YDC. £40 for Endurance). We then ask for the balance payment round by round and is taken 2-3 weeks leading up to each round.

How can I check that I am entered into an event?

You will receive a receipt for your deposit and race balance payments each time. This is proof of entry. Also, an email is sent to all entrants on the Thursday prior to each round re-confirming your entry, together with instructions for the event.

What happens if I need to cancel an event?

As long as you give us 14 days or more notice you can cancel without penalty. If you cancel within 14 days, you will lose 50% of your entry fee. If you cancel within 7 days you will unfortunately lose 100% of your entry fee.

Can I book into a test day online?

No. you need to call the office to book all test days. 01795 883592

Do I have to pay the registration fee to test?

No. Only the entry fee is required for testing. Registration fee is for racing only.

Can I stay overnight at the circuit in my tent or motorhome?

This is rarely a problem, but always best to check first with us or the venue.

Do you offer one2one tuition?

Niki Richardson our Sprint series clerk of course offers private tuition on our test days. (contact details).