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Driver Information

Going motor racing is always going to cost money and karting is no different. However, as CLUB100 is an “arrive & drive” series, racing budgets can be worked out at the start of the season and there are no hidden extras to worry about. No transportation, storage or preparation worries, no damage costs and no engine rebuilds to pay for. This creates a level playing field for all the drivers and allows you to concentrate simply on your racing.

Even if you’ve done some other kart racing, being successful in the CLUB100 Sprint Series takes some specific driver skills that need to be developed. And as you’ll be racing against some of the best drivers in the applicable classes, try not to be too hard on yourself in your first season as it can be a steep learning curve.

Firstly, you need to become very familiar with the CLUB100 Birel karts’ handling characteristics on the limit, on cold tyres, and in heavy traffic. As CLUB100 is an “arrive & drive” series you will probably be driving a different chassis in each of your races in a day, so you need to be able to isolate the slight differences in each kart, whether related to engine and/or chassis, and then use those characteristics to your best advantage, while covering any minor kart deficiency with your skill as a driver.

Secondly, you need to know the tracks. Knowing where you’re going, the perfect line, the best places to overtake, and where you can defend is vital for success.

Then there’s driving in the wet. CLUB100 karts are never fitted with wet weather tyres, the karts stay on slicks whatever the weather conditions. (This is due to the impossible logistics of changing a whole fleet with limited staff and tools within the time frame available). Subsequently, CLUB100 drivers become very good at driving in the wet!

So there’s a lot to learn for the CLUB100 first-time sprinter. However, this shouldn’t put you off. There’s plenty of help on offer for new drivers to the series, whichever level. If you are serious about taking your skills to the limit up against another 71 drivers (per weight category) then this is the series for you.