I was asked by Motorsport UK for comments on our first official weekend as a fully fledged affiliated club with Motorsport UK and I thought it appropriate to share those thoughts with all our members, with my thanks for your superb support.

“300 Licences issue in one weekend, and there are another 70 to go out in the post for those we couldn’t find space for as we were completely sold out”, explained John Vigor, Club100 Racing Ltd’s Managing Director. “It’s been a busy winter, and all that hard work culminated in a fantastic first weekend of our championships. A little extra, but well organised admin with the licences, but an honour to be selected to launch the K-X licence. It was our first as a fully affiliated club within Motorsport UK, and it went off without a hitch. I’m sure that by the end of the season we will have facilitated upwards of 450 new Motorsport UK licence holders and our members response to all the changes has been all very positive.”

What do you think affiliation to Motorsport UK and K-X licencing will mean for Club100 and it’s members?

“Our members I’m sure will be keen to enjoy the benefits package, the status of being members of Motorsport UK and the reassurance of the licence holders personal accident insurance and I hope some will seek other opportunities in the future through Motorsport UK. I have always had a good working relationship with the governing body over our 26 years as a company, although we did not neatly fit into any karting category, club or championship as a commercial ‘arrive and drive’ business. However under the new stewardship of Hugh Chambers and David Richards I feel they have embraced a fresh ‘Big Tent’ approach to growing the membership from the grassroots, and those grassroots may start from less traditional areas and you can see that in the Karting Pathway Redefined initiative. So this year our affiliation to Motorsport UK as a club makes perfect sense. I really think people will see that now. We join TeamSport from indoor karting, launching the British Indoor Karting Championship, and my good friends over at the Danny Ricciardo Series and between us we can take anyone through incremental points of commitment before drivers take the leap into British Championship karting, or a move into car racing. Of course they could stop and stay with Club100 and just enjoy great kart racing!”

John Vigor