2022. Registration is Racing Ahead!!!

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As many of you noticed our 2022 website went live yesterday (29/11/21) at 5pm.

And I am delighted, as you can imagine, with the strong up take, much stronger than even last year and we thought that was fantastic. It has surpassed that and some. All very positive for 2022.

If you are planning to race with us next season to avoid disappointment I suggest you consider getting your registration completed and submitted as soon as possible.

Registrations will be processed strictly on a first come first served basis.

Even if you have raced with us in 2021, you are required to re-register for next year. We are not able to accept personal emails or phone calls requesting to be booked in.

A couple things we’ve noticed since we went live:

1) the email acknowledgement very occasionally doesn’t arrive, we’ve had high demand, sometimes they don’t all arrive together so if you’ve done a sprint and sprint60 registration, one comes, one doesn’t come straight, maybe it slips into your spam, maybe you got your email address very slightly wrong, please be patient. Everyone we’ve been asked to check is in the system, all of those that had seen the ‘Thank you for registering’ we’re in the system. So you can contact us and we’ll check, email or through our social media admin. Or we can spot duplicate registrations, so you could submit another and we’ll weed out any duplicates.

2) Booking Testing. When we call to confirm your details, take payment for your registration, we can take bookings for testing at the same time. We don’t expect there to be any shortage of testing. We expect to take up to 2 weeks to contact you about registration – we have a lot of admin to do.

Registration is this way www.peters496.sg-host.com

And thank you for choosing to race with us and look forward to seeing on track with Club100 in 2022!

John Vigor

CEO Club100 Racing Ltd.